Xiaomi patented a foldable phone with a wrap-around screen

It’s no secret that most of the innovative smartphone makers are focusing on the foldable device because they are seen as the future. After all, the manufacturer Experiment with different screen sizes Take your dexterity to another level.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is said to be working on several foldable phones, one of which was released later this year. Some time ago I reported that the company has no patent, 7 different models of a phone with a foldable screen. Apply for another patent This time it’s just bigger and better.

Looking at the patent document and the images attached to it, it is easy to say that if this device were made, it could have the largest screen ever made on a “smartphone”.

The biggest screen on the phone?

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A patent filed with the Chinese National Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA) suggests that it will be an inward-folded design. And most foldable phones use two screens regardless of their design. One is an external display and a main foldable display, but Xiaomi’s new foldable display can come with a large display.

This primary display continues to the edge and forms the secondary display. This means that the user operates on the same continuous display which spills over the edge and reacts differently depending on the orientation of the device. It looks exotic, but it can lead to additional costs if the screen is damaged.

When folded, it looks like a large screen cell phone with a waterfall on one side. Once unfolded, it becomes a large screen tablet.

The patent file shows that the phone may have a peak as large as the Huawei Mate XS. On the one hand, not only is it easier to hold, but it essentially houses the camera module and other sensors. The image shown here shows several camera modules that act as a rear camera when the device is folded up and as a powerful selfie camera solution in tablet mode.

It serves two purposes and helps pack the best camera sensor possible. Therefore, the phone does not require any notches or punched holes to accommodate the screen. However, the downside is that whenever you need to take a selfie, you might need to deploy your smartphone in tablet mode.

Xiaomi Mi Foldable Phone

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

I went there and I made it

This isn’t the first time Xiaomi has worked on a phone with a complex wrap-around screen. The first foldable device made by the company – Mi Mix Alpha It was a foldable and foldable design. The phone was never opened to the public, and even the media was not allowed to “touch and smell” the phone, but the video released by the company appeared to work effectively.

The Mi Mix Alpha was designed to fold outwards, but this new patent appears to be an extension of the same design, but with a foldable mechanism and an inward foldable screen that is supposed to better protect the screen itself. .

That said, it’s a patent, so as always, you need to keep your expectations low and keep your fingers crossed for the phone to see the light of day.

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