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The World Health Organization said yesterday that it “highly recommend” Pfizer Paxlovidthe antiviral pill against Covid-19 for patients with milder forms of the disease who are still at high risk of hospitalization.

However, the UN agency warned that he was “extremely concerned“that the inequality of access observed with covid vaccines would leave low- and middle-income countries again”kicked out of the queue”.

The combination of nirmatrelvir and ritonavir by the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is the “best choice” treatment of unvaccinated, elderly or immunocompromised people with the coronavirus, according to WHO experts in the medical journal BMJ.

For the same patients, the WHO also made a “conditional recommendationfor the antiviral drug remdezivir, made by US biotech firm Gilead – which he had previously recommended against taking.

Oral treatment with Pfizer tablet avoids the hospitalization of more than “alternatives available, is less concerned with the harms of molnupiravir, and is easier to administer than intravenous remdezivir“, WHO said the experts.

The new recommendation is based on the results of two studies involving nearly 3,100 patients, which showed that Paxlovid reduces the risk of hospitalization after covid 85% infections.

Studies toodid not suggest a significant difference in mortality” and “little or no risk of side effects leading to discontinuation of treatment”.

“The drug can only be used when the disease is at an early stage,” mentioned WHO experts.

This means that patients must quickly test positive and be prescribed the drug by a doctor – which can be a barrier for low- and middle-income countries, WHO mentioned.

Patients should start taking Paxlovid tablets within five days of the onset of symptoms – then the course lasts five days.

Lisa Hedman, senior WHO advise on access to medicines, told NPR radio that the full course of Paxlovid 0 processing cost in the United States. Another source, unconfirmed by the WHOgives a price of 0 in a high-income country.

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