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World Health Organization (WHO) officials have had a meeting with those at Bharat Biotech and the Hyderabad-based vaccine manufacturer’s dossier for the Emergency Use List (EUL) of Covaxin is underway. ‘review by technical experts for consideration, Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, regional said on Monday the WHO director for Southeast Asia.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Singh also informed that India has been offered 7.5 million doses of Moderna vaccine under the COVID-19 Global Vaccine Access Program (COVAX) of WHO.

The WHO Regional Director said: “Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Sinovac and Sinopharm have obtained the EUL from WHO. For COVXIN, an expression of interest in EUL was sent to WHO by Bharat Biotech. WHO has already conducted a pre-submission meeting with the company following which a dossier was submitted by Bharat Biotech to WHO in early July. The dossier is currently being reviewed by technical experts for consideration by the EUL.

Warning of the possibility that the Delta variant of the coronavirus will become the most dominant COVID strain, Dr Singh said: “The Delta variant has spread to over 100 countries, the way its spread is likely to become soon. the most dominant COVID strain in the world. “

“Of all the worrisome variants, Delta is spreading the fastest. The rapid spread means more cases, putting more strain on health systems and more deaths,” she said. on the rise again.

“The more we allow the virus to spread, the more it will evolve, resulting in more variants. We need to ensure that public health and social measures are implemented at all times. Interventions have been shown to be effective even against the delta variant.” , she said. .

Dr Singh also urged people to act “urgently” to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to aggressively step up vaccination, especially of the vulnerable population, to contain the possible third wave.

“People yearn to get back to normal life, which is understandable. However, we have to remember the enormous risk of letting our guard down. We have witnessed this very recently and continue to do so in the world even today. If we take the precaution, get vaccinated and leave no room for the virus to infect us, we can all together contain the spread of the virus, ”she noted.

She further informed that over the past ten consecutive weeks, COVID cases have steadily increased in some countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Dr Singh also noted that cases are on the decline in India, Nepal and the Maldives. “However, the situation remains worrying,” she said.

“Nowhere is the pandemic over. We must continue to build our capacity. There is absolutely no room for complacency. We must prevent another outbreak and step up our response capacity as well as our vaccination programs,” she added.

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