Vizag port can become a gateway for Telangana

Visakhapatnam: Visakhapatnam port will be able to attract more traffic and serve as a gateway for Telangana if more logistics initiatives like a strong road network between Hyderabad-Visakhapatnam, in addition to the establishment of a dry port, can be taken in the years to come. Panel members attending the ‘BizzBuzz Business Conclave’ in the port city of Visakhapatnam estimated that more container traffic is sent to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) in Mumbai than to Vizag due to higher logistics costs incurred when shipping containers by road.

“Container traffic is a result of demand and supply. A port can attract more container traffic if there is more demand. To increase traffic in Vizag Port, a good road network between Vizag-Hyderabad and a dry port in Telangana can go a long way. In this way, Vizag can be the gateway for Telangana,” said Prof. Dr. George Yesu Vedha, MD and CEO of Dredging Corporation of India.

He also said that if a port handles both export and import traffic, there will be more chances of gaining container traffic. Other speakers believe that Andhra Pradesh has a lot of potential in the shipbuilding sector. “Shipping is the most strategic sector of any country. Despite this, the Indian shipping sector holds only 2% of the global shipbuilding market. Compared to this, a country like South Korea holds more than 40% of the global shipbuilding market,” says Rear Admiral LV Sarat Babu.

He said the Indian Navy itself plans to build 170 new ships by 2030. In terms of demand arising from exports, delegates said the Russian-Ukrainian war has created a unique opportunity for Indian exporters. “India will see a huge increase in rice exports due to the war situation. This will push the demand for containers on the port. Thus, the country should streamline its logistics to take advantage of these emerging opportunities,” Ajay said. Zadoo, Regional Manager of Central Warehousing Corporation. Meanwhile, Satish Lakkaraju, Senior Vice President of Wiz Freight, said Andhra Pradesh should increase air connectivity with more international destination options to attract foreign investors to the state.

“Investors are ready to come and invest in Andhra Pradesh given its long coastline, good road network and rich natural resource base. To take advantage of these opportunities, the state should invest more in creating seamless network of all types of connectivity,” says Lakkaraju.

India and states like Andhra Pradesh should focus on building shipbuilding clusters that will support the entire ecosystem. If the government supports the creation of these clusters with financial incentives, the shipbuilding industry can generate a lot of jobs in addition to supporting local industry. The government should also give priority to domestic ships, which will promote the domestic shipbuilding industry. Rear Admiral LV Sarat Babu

We must invest more in R&D and collaborate with academic institutions to seize new opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. We (AMTZ) have already shown the way on how to be a pioneer in medical device manufacturing to make India zero dependent on exports in three years – Dr. Jitendra Sharma, MD and Founder-CEO, AP Medtech Zone

If policy initiatives are taken to improve the ecosystem, India has great prospects to grow the pharmaceutical business from the current $50 billion to $130 billion by 2030 – PP Lal Krishna, CEO of JNPC

Product innovation and on-time response are key to business success. We have plenty of room to seize the growing global market for generic and lifestyle diseases – To Leela Rani, Director, Lee Pharma

Andhra Pradesh has become the nascent state of the pharmaceutical industry and the pandemic has brought new challenges and opportunities for players in the field to meet them -K Hemalatha, Co-Founder, Grabbit Live

For some reason, with the exception of Dahej, all the other PCPIRs did not pick up. Andhra Pradesh has many strengths to make Vizag PCPIR a successful model for promoting petrochemical investments in the country. The state has a long coastline, a solid road and rail network in addition to a good port infrastructure. I hope that with the evolution of the PCPIR standards, this will now be a reality – K Satyanarayana, Technical Manager of Oil Rigs, MEIL

Petroleum by-products like plastic have started to be used in road construction and other useful products through plastic recycling. Thus, a large portion of hazardous waste comes from oil refineries and its by-products can now be used in various other segments. – Professor VSRK Prasad, Director of Indian Petroleum and Energy Institute

The public sector refiner entered the chemicals segment after operationalizing its Rs 6,000 crore PDP (Petrochemical Propylene Derivatives) complex in Kochi. We entered the category of chemicals for the country to reduce its dependence on the import of these products. . This will help reduce waste and make the sector carbon neutral – Tarun Kumar, Managing Director, BPCL

The country depends on China for inputs for the paint industry. Producing more chemicals like titanium dioxide domestically will help the paint industry reduce its reliance on imports – Kavita Rajesh, President of Hyderabad Management Association and Founder of Om Sai Andhra Paints

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