This Week in Techdirt History: July 24-30

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Five years ago

This week in 2017, Senator Wyden was seeking answers about how many times Americans have been targeted by one of the least discussed NSA surveillance programs, while we noted silence from tech companies as the Time was ticking on the renewal of Section 702 (when just released documents showed even more violations by the NSA). On another front, Wyden was claiming the FCC was either incompetent or lying about the alleged DDoS attack, and Senator Markey was annoyed by Ajit Pai’s justifications for killing net neutrality protections. More than 190 engineers and technical experts also signed a letter telling the FCC that it was dead wrong about net neutrality.

Ten years ago

This week in 2012, the Wall Street Journal angered pundits when it presented a horrific misrepresentation of internet history and issued no corrections even after being told by Vint Cerf and Xerox that the story was just plain wrong. . The Obama administration was still blocking a treaty designed to help blind people access copyrighted works, the RIAA was working on its backdoor plan to use the ‘six knocks’ system to cut people off the internet , and a court said the State Department could continue to pretend the documents leaked by Wikileaks were still secret. Meanwhile, branches of the Mexican government were still arguing over their disagreement over ACTA.

Fifteen years ago

This week in 2007, inventors and patent attorneys sued the USPTO for an allegedly unqualified nomination, the EFF sued Universal Music for a copyright takedown in what would become widely known as the Dancing Baby case, and Prince (who made the music in question in this case) was adopting new music distribution strategies. The RIAA was pushing a study making the silly claim that radio is bad for music, while a proposed amendment to the Higher Education Reauthorization Act would force colleges to do RIAA bidding or lose their funding. In the UK, fortunately, the government rejected the idea of ​​extending copyright for performance royalties on songs.

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