The Ministry of Finance relaxes the standards for the supply of Covid-19 relief equipment

The Ministry of Finance has relaxed procurement standards for the procurement of Covid-19 relief supplies. These include enabling the launch of a global tender for a value of less than ₹ 200 crore and the purchase of the same item at different rates.

These instructions will apply to the Pharma Department, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO). “The instruction contained in the OM (Office Memorandum) of this department dated May 15, 2020 specifying that no Global Bid Solicitation (GT) will be invited to bid up to ₹ 200 crore will remain relaxed, and therefore , it will be allowed to invite GTE when necessary ”, declared Monday the new OM of April 24, on the site of the Ministry of Finance. The new instructions will be in place until May 31.

Help SMEs

Last year, in May, the Ministry of Finance notified changes to the General Financial Regulations (RFG) aimed at benefiting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Another relaxation relates to the purchase of goods and services through the government electronic marketplace (GeM). Given the emergency in question, these instructions have been issued for all purchases and transportation of medical supplies and other essential supplies related to Covd-19 operations. In accordance with the instructions, when these ministries and departments undertake a “ one-source procurement ” of goods or purchase “ non-consultation services ” such as air and other transport services, through the appointment, they would not be required to launch a call for tenders on the GeM portal. .

Relaxed standards

The relaxed standards provide that such a purchase can also be made from multiple sources, if the total quantity required is not available or is not immediately available from a single source. “Such a purchase may, if unavoidable, be made at different rates”, according to the instructions which add that if the total quantity required is not immediately available from a given procurement method, the contract may also be used simultaneously by several methods, namely purchases under Rule 166/204, purchases through GeM and purchases through other procurement methods (including through Indian missions) and such purchases can, if unavoidable, be done at different rates.

While Rule 166 of the General Financial Rules (MER) relates to the procurement of single-source goods, Rule 204 relates to the procurement of “ non-consulting services ” such as air and other transport services. by appointment after consultation with the financial advisor of the relevant department or Ministry.

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