The GVIDO sheet music reader is no longer available

GVIDO is a Japanese company that has developed a product, the GVIDO Sheet Music Reader. It was a 13.3-inch dual-screen tablet with an innovative hinge, which allowed it to open and close. Many pro level musicians love this device because there is an infrared sensor above the page turning buttons, which will turn the page with a wave of the hand. It also had bluetooth functionality and is compatible with all kinds of pedals. GVIDO has just announced its shutdown in March 2022.

The email that Good e-Reader received stated the following. “For various reasons, we will cease sales of GVIDO at the end of March 2022. Our future plans are as follows. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our employees for their patronage and ask for your understanding. Thank you for understanding. Details 1. GVIDO Selling Period GVIDO will be available for purchase as usual until the end of March 2022. The one-year manufacturer’s warranty will be included as before. 2. GVIDO support GVIDO support will be provided until the end of March 2024. Please contact GVIDO customer support if you have any problems. 3. ”

The GVIDEO cloud service, cloud library and their PDF music store will close in early 2024. What does this mean? Any purchases you made in the store will be gone, this is because you have authorized the content, you don’t actually own it. The only way users get value is if the PDF files are loaded sideways, which is good if you find royalty free sheet music online, but most of the good stuff gets paid.

I believe that one of the main reasons the business is going to close is because of the price. It is one of the only E INK products to really have a large dual screen and a stylus for annotating scores. It was designed and manufactured in Japan which adds to the overall cost. The company sells the device for around $ 1,500, and resellers charge even more. Sales have probably been down for a number of years and they waited until most of their current inventory was depleted before making an announcement.

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