The dangers of buying counterfeit products

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WBAY) – Counterfeit products may look great online, but they can be dangerous.

The National Crime Prevention Council has launched an anti-counterfeiting campaign called “Go For Real”. It focuses on young buyers.

“Teenagers don’t want to be fooled. The last thing a teenager wants is for a friend to say, “Hey, these aren’t real Nike sneakers. You got ripped off. No teenager wants to hear this from their friends, ”says Paul Delponte, executive director of the National Crime Prevention Council.

Delponte claims that counterfeiters cut corners on websites, labels and logos. Typos are an indication of a forgery.

“Electronic products, if they aren’t tested and have UL labels, that’s another way of saying they’re bogus,” says Delponte. “A tablet or a gamepad with faulty electronics can catch fire. Headphones could damage your hearing. There are a lot of health risks involved in buying fake.

Delponte says there are growing concerns about counterfeit cosmetics.

“Some of these ingredients contained arsenic, animal feces, rat hair, human urine, as they are made in counterfeit facilities overseas that are not controlled by the FDA, that do not meet the consumer protection standards that people have fought hard over the years to keep our products safe, ”says Delponte.

And there is a bigger problem.

“Part of the danger of buying a counterfeit or counterfeit product is often that it is used to finance illegal international terrorism, drug cartels. By buying bogus products you are fueling a dangerous criminal enterprise, ”says Delponte.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Go for Real campaign.

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