The coolest back-to-school gear for elementary school kids

As they have done for decades, elementary schools are currently sending parents a list of requests, supply lists filled with the usual suspects of pencils, erasers, spiral notebooks, and the like. Go beyond the basics with our new and improved back-to-school list. Here are all the things we wished were there when we went to school (when we had to walk there, in the snow, uphill, back and forth).

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter

Key Selling Point: A zippy electric scooter for kids with an impressive one hour range.

Designed for ages eight and up, the Razor Power Core E100 supports up to 120 pounds and runs for one hour on a charge. It starts with a kick/push start and from there the twist throttle on the handle will reach a fun but not too dangerous speed of 11 miles per hour. The brake disengages the motor and there’s a kickstand to keep the steel and aluminum scooter upright after a ride.

Yoto audio player

Key Selling Point: An ingenious kid-friendly speaker that plays audiobooks, music and more.

Screenless and capable of playing music and telling a thousand stories, the Yoto audio player is fully controlled by children. The reader can play audiobooks by inserting physical cards into the reader (Yoto has hundreds of cards available on its site or through the app). The player also offers free content like Yoto Radio and allows you to record, download and play your own content with custom maps. It even has night light and sleep sound capabilities. Yes, it’s the kids speaker that parents are going crazy over, and it’s easy to see why.

Zip & Pop Pouch

Key Selling Point: The usefulness of a pencil case combined with the tactile satisfaction of fidget poppers

Silicone popper toys are addictive no matter what your age. Kids can expend restless energy pushing and popping the bubbles on this Zip & Pop pencil case, while keeping their supplies in one place. Inside, there’s plenty of room for important items like #2 pencils, pink erasers, and a Bakugan or two.

OtterBox EasyGrab iPad Case for Kids

Key Selling Point: A durable case for current generation iPads that protects against drops and acts as its own stand.

If your child is lucky enough to spend their screen time on an iPad, this is the case with enough protection to keep the tablet running. Made by the rugged case experts at Otterbox, it’s a stand and protector in one, made from a plastic infused with silver ions that inhibits microbial growth. The mount even attaches to the back of the headrest posts for travel time. Suitable for 7th, 8th and 9th generation iPads.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. Activity Tracker, Grogu Edition

Key Selling Point: A “Star Wars” themed activity tracker that encourages kids to use the Force and get moving.

Rugged and waterproof, this Garmin fitness tracker for kids encourages your little Grogu to stay active and challenge themselves. Pair it with your smartphone to track sleep, steps and activity – all of which unlock “Star Wars” themed games and adventures your kids can play on your phone. The battery is replaceable, lasts up to a year, and you can store your contact details in the watch for added peace of mind.

Bentgo Chill Kids Leak Proof Lunch Box

Key Selling Point: A bento box that includes its own nestable ice pack to keep lunches cool.

Inside this leak-proof bento box there is a removable ice pack under the compartments that will keep your child’s lunch cool until noon. The bento box is a good size, with compartments roomy enough for a cut sandwich and some snacks. It seals tightly for mess-free transport, making it perfect for backpacks and can fit in larger lunch bags.

Ultra-washable markers

Key Selling Point: Italian-made washable markers with bright colors and double tips.

Not only washable, ultra washable, these brightly colored markers come in their own pencil case and are easy to wash off hands and clothes. The 16 dual tip vibrating markers have a thick tip on one end and a fine tip on the other. Designed in France and made in Italy for more freshness.

Final Thoughts

While we might love telling kids we went to school with calculators the size of books and books the weight of bricks, secretly we all wish that today’s inventive design and revolutionary technology are available when we have actually had time to take advantage of them. Pick a few gadgets from our list and live vicariously through your child.

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