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AHMEDABAD: A 33-year-old pharmaceutical company executive filed a cheating complaint with the CID (crime) on Thursday, alleging that he was defrauded of Rs 22 lakh through the promise of investments in various cryptocurrencies by a couple of Nikols and their two helpers.
Harshad Patel, a resident of White House Bungalows in Nikol, in his FIR with the CID (crime) unit of Ahmedabad, said he worked for a pharmaceutical company in Moraiya village, district of Ahmedabad.
In 2017, his friend and business partner in a coaching class, Kamlesh Patel, introduced him to a man named Alpesh Suhagia and his wife Bharti from Nikol. They informed Harshad about various Bitcoin investment plans, through which his investment would double in a short time.
Alpesh told Harshad that the price of one Bitcoin rose from Rs 10 in 2009 to Rs 70,000 in 2017 after which Harshad was convinced and gave him Rs 15 lakh to invest.
Alpesh told Harshad that it would take time for him to get a bitcoin wallet. Meanwhile, Alpesh introduced him to Prashant Brahmbhatt of Vadodara. Brahmbhatt told him about another crypto investment program called “Senar Wallet” and convinced him to transfer his investment to him, which Harshad did. He said he received Rs 1.24 lakh in return between July 3, 2017 and August 14, 2017.
After that, Alpesh introduced Harshad to another crypto system, Bux Coins, claiming that his investment would double in two years. Harshad said he was persuaded by Alpesh, Bharti, Kamlesh and Brahmbhatt after which he invested another Rs 4 lakh, this time in Bux coins.
Harshad said his business partner, Kamlesh, invested Rs 3 lakh, which he withdrew from his coaching course account, and invested in another program named “Dagcoin” in November 2017.
Since then, Harshad kept asking for his returns or at least the principal amount from Alpesh, Bharti, Kamlesh and Brahmbhatt, but he never got any money back.
He went to the police and filed a complaint for breach of trust, cheating, complicity and association of criminals against the four defendants.

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