Nuwave Channel Partners Highlights Bitmore Products on Cannes Debut

Nuwave Channel Partners to Showcase Its In-House Bitmore Line at Next Month’s TFWA Global Expo (Blue Village F6).

The manufacturer and distributor of travel and tech products – a first-time exhibitor at the Cannes event – will showcase new products and highlight the Bitmore brand’s focus on sustainability.

Nuwave Channel Partners Presents New Bitmore Ranges, Focusing on Sustainability

As reported, Nuwave revealed its intention to end plastic waste and highlight sustainability through the Bitmore brand last year. A key feature, according to Nuwave, is the brand’s use of recycled plastic and reclaimed wheat straw as raw materials. Additionally, Bitmore products come in biodegradable packaging and use environmentally friendly water-based inks.

The 100% recycled plastic range offers more than 25 products including power banks, QI chargers, headphones, speakers, cables and wellness and travel accessories. Many of these products are available in a range of colors.

Hoj Parmar, CEO of Nuwave Channel Partners, said: “Research has shown that the general consensus of traveling consumers is that they would make a conscious decision to favor products or brands with sustainability aspects. Whether it’s reducing the use of plastics and other environmentally harmful substances in the manufacturing of products or using recycled materials for packaging.

“It is with this in mind that we continue to develop products, including our Bitmore recycled plastic lines, under our ‘eco: sense’ banner, and pursue a wide range of other sustainability goals within our company. .

Parmar said that Nuwave aims to provide consumers with a choice of products that can “help them minimize their individual carbon footprint.”

“This is a very important goal for us at Nuwave Channel Partners, and we hope it resonates with potential retailers and airlines who share similar goals. “

Nuwave was recently certified with the RSC standard, proving that the company has a regular, fully audited track to prove that the plastics it uses are 100% recycled.

The company has also obtained accreditation to the CSR-A Silver Standard. Nuwave emphasized that accreditation is a testament to excellence in social responsibility and “helps Nuwave integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into its business operations and strategy.”

The light and compact TripClip attaches simply and securely to the seat backs in seconds

The TripClip Travel Pro, invented by Joe Shortt and manufactured and retailed by Nuwave, will also be featured at the TFWA event.

TripClip allows its traveling user to attach their smartphone or tablet to the seat in front of them at eye level, which makes it easy to view the equipment on the device.

Nuwave will also highlight retail exclusive Lego products and accessories

Parmar noted that Nuwave’s portfolio products were listed on more than 50 international airlines before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As the airline market recovers, many of these customers are returning, including some of the world’s largest airlines,” he said.

Hoj Parmar, CEO of Nuwave Channel Partners, looks to the future with sustainability as a key goal

Parmar added that the TripClip has been one of the best in-flight sellers for Ryanair in recent months and believes the environmental credentials of Bitmore’s 100% recycled plastic products will be a catalyst to revive this airline business.

He said Nuwave is in talks with several major travel retailers, in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas, with the goal of expanding Bitmore’s presence to airport stores.

Looking forward to the Cannes event, Parmar said: “Given the comprehensive security protocols in place, there is no reason why this kind of show cannot take place, as long as people can travel. .

“Virtual events are great in many ways, but nothing can replace this face-to-face meeting; this opportunity for potential customers to see your product lines in person. We just have to get back to normal in my opinion, life has to go on. We cannot stay locked in these cocoons and bubbles forever.

“It has long been one of my ambitions for Nuwave to have its own exhibition space dedicated to the TFWA World Expo, so I am very proud that we are attending the event in October, even in a year when pandemic problems are sure. affect attendance levels.

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