New dating app connects people based on their interests, rather than looks

Appearance matters, up to a point. When looking for qualities in a potential romantic partner, physical attraction is a big deal, but there are plenty of other things that go into the compatibility equation: common interests, values, even pheromones?

As our Going Out editor Eva Kis says, “You can always look better, but you can’t claim to love ‘Star Wars’. “

So, starting from this premise: Imagine you’re single in New York City and you’re really excited to see “Rogue One,” but you don’t have anyone to go with. What if you could schedule a date based on who else is really excited to see “Rogue One”?

With, a new dating app now available for free download on iOS, aims to change our approach to online dating by prioritizing interests over looks: what you like, not what you look like. Specifically, what you like to do.

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You search by activity (search for a specific event, be it a movie, concert, brewery tour, etc.) instead of scrolling through user profiles . It is only after you have expressed your interest in a certain activity that you can see who else is also interested in participating.

Likewise, if you already have tickets or reservations for something, you can post it on the app and see who might be accompanying you. (You will receive a push notification indicating that a user is interested).

For those who are fed up with browsing a sea of ​​faces associated with witty slogans on Tinder, or suffering from a thesis OKCupid profiles, With could be a refreshing change of pace.

The founder, Dr Rhett Silver, says he got the idea for the app after a date canceled on a date for a ticketed bike meetup at the last minute. “It struck me that a lot of women would think this was a fun date idea, but how do you find one?” ” he says.

While the dating site How About We features hypothetical date ideas – “What if we… were going to have a picnic in Central Park” – With encourages proposed dates to be planned or purchased in advance. He describes the function of the application as “find a date for a date”.

And while OkCupid uses an algorithm to match users based on compatibility after answering a whole host of questions, Silver argues that it takes hours to answer said questions and even more to sort through profiles. users and photos.

With eliminates this arduous process and gets people face-to-face faster – and, as anyone who’s ever had a date online knows, you can’t predict chemistry until you meet, IRL.

Of course, just because you and your match are both excited to see Louis CK live doesn’t guarantee you’ll be okay once you get there. (As ‘High Fidelity’ taught us, what you are is not the same as what you love).

But at least with Avec, even if you don’t like your date, you know you both will like the date. Dated. And while there are no romantic sparks, you might have found a platonic “activity partner”.

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