Meet the NH candidates for the US Senate

WEST LEBANON, NH (WCAX) – Incumbent Democrat Maggie Hassan is challenged by Republican Don Bolduc. It comes at a time when many Americans are feeling the pinch of rising costs.

“The costs are too high,” said Senator Hassan-D, New Hampshire. She says she works every day in Washington to reduce those costs, and the young senator from Granite State says she has a proven track record when it comes to results. “Whether it’s teaming up with a Republican to ban the practice of surprise medical bills and lowering people’s health care costs or negotiating the bipartisan infrastructure bill.”

His adversary never ran for a statewide post, despite touring the battlefield extensively. “I have dedicated 33 and a half years of my life in the military to supporting the values ​​and principles of this country,” said Don Bolduc. The retired Army brigadier general says he is running to represent all residents of the state. “Career politicians don’t work for the people, they expect people to work for them. And they are beholden to special interests, lobbyists and a wealthy political elite. Bolduc says Hassan, who also served multiple terms as governor, is part of the problem.

But Hassan brushes off criticism, again, pointing to his record. “That’s why I stood up to big pharma to help lower the cost of prescription drugs, and that’s why I stood up to big oil to help people lower their energy costs,” he said. she declared.

The midterm elections come as many Americans struggle to make ends meet, whether at the gas pump or in the grocery aisle. But two other issues have also dominated this election cycle. “As people are rightly concerned about the costs, they are also very concerned that women’s basic freedoms are being taken away,” Hassan said.

Hassan has repeatedly said that Bolduc would support a national abortion ban. An allegation he categorically denies. “I do not support a federal ban and will not support a federal ban. The Supreme Court’s decision was quite clear. It is now a matter of state,” Bolduc said.

Electoral integrity was also at the center of the race. “He traveled all over the state, fueling this misconception that the 2020 election was somehow stolen,” Hassan said.

During the primary, Bolduc claimed that Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, was the real winner. A stance he reversed immediately after winning the party’s nomination as it headed into the general election. “We must have the ability to change our minds. We have to have the ability to recognise, okay, we didn’t get that one right, so here’s my new position,” Bolduc said.

The race has the potential to shift the balance of power in Washington. If Democrats want to keep control of the Senate, they can’t afford to lose a seat they already have. If Bolduc is successful, he says, controlling costs, including health care, will be his top priority. “Seventy-three percent today say they cannot afford the necessities of life,” he said.

A recent poll shows the Senate race in New Hampshire is narrowing, with Hassan having a slight advantage.

Jeremy Kauffman of the Libertarian Party is also in the running.

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