Licensed Therapist Partners With Nonprofit Group To Offer Discounted Or Free Therapy Sessions

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla .– Over the past year, many people have experienced anxiety or depression and have wanted to see a licensed therapist.

But with the average session price of $ 80 to $ 175 an hour, it’s not very affordable. So when the pandemic struck, a local therapist realized she had to help.

“The therapist can offer many tools that you can use at home, at work, in your relationship, with your children. And it’s so beneficial,” said registered therapist Katie Schubert, who has been in private practice for over. six years.

During the peak of COVID-19, she realized that her services were desperately needed but that many could not afford them.

So she teamed up with a local nonprofit group Project No Labels to launch a program called “Dear Self, You’re Worth It,” which offers free or reduced price therapy at the Cypress Wellness Center.

“At Cypress Wellness Center I have two student interns, who work in the program and they see clients $ 30- $ 50 per session. ‘Project No Labels’ can step in and cover the entire cost for the client, if it’s necessary, ”Schubert explained.

While other discounted programs can take months to secure an appointment, she says that at Cypress Wellness Center you can be seen immediately in person or via telehealth for any challenge you face.

“Relationships are really struggling right now. People have a hard time staying married or being well with their partner, anxiety, depression. What I also see a lot is that people have been isolated ever since. a very long time and have a lot of anxiety about coming back into society and what that is like, ”said Schubert.

If you’re still worried about talking to a stranger, she tells you not to be.

“Once people open the door, they realize it’s a lot easier than they thought, and they also realize it’s a lot more useful than they might imagine,” he said. Shubert said.

Cypress Wellness Center started this discounted program in January 2020 and has already run over 800 sessions, many of which are covered by Project No Labels, completely free of charge.

The group also offers art therapy, having partnered with a pottery studio, The Hive in St. Petersburg.

The Center also offers group therapy classes for children.

For more information, visit or

The Cypress Wellness Center is located at 559, 49th Street South in Saint Petersburg. You can reach the center by dialing 727-308-6094.

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