Kailyn Lowry reveals why she almost chose abortion with her fourth son

Due to how reality TV works, there isn’t exactly a suspense or surprise to the Teen mom 2 scenario in which Kailyn Lowry envisioned have a Abortion with her fourth child. We’ve already seen adorable photos of baby boy Creed, born in July. But the value of a show like this is that we can watch Lowry as she goes through this emotional struggle, because few are this brave and willing to open up to such a difficult personal decision.

“I still don’t think I’m pregnant,” Lowry said on the episode broadcast Tuesday. “I considered abortion. I went to my abortion appointment, but had the ultrasound. I was just like, ‘I need to see the ultrasound to see if I connect with this baby. At that point, I just decided that the abortion was not for me.

This statement was not at odds with a woman’s right to choose, notice. This is a mother who has a difficult relationship with her ex, Chris Lopez, who is the father of his son Lux as well as Creed. This is a mother who was unsure of her own ability to care for four children on her own.

“I actually felt worse and more guilty now with this pregnancy, and I wondered if I was doing the right thing, more with this one at 27 than with Isaac at 17,” he said. she tells her friend on the phone.

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But Lowry doesn’t think anyone else could have had a say in this decision other than herself, although she knows people watching might think otherwise.

“People won’t understand, and I have to be okay with that because these were decisions that were up to me,” she said on the show. “I have to accept negative reactions and misunderstandings.”

In August, she revealed to people that she had considered abortion and was worried about the reaction once this episode aired. “It’s not all black and white, it’s not all cut and dry,” she told the magazine. “So I hope people understand the thought process and the pain I was going through.”

Once she made up her mind and told the fathers of her two other boys, Lowry said she started to feel a little better. Yet she knew she had a difficult road ahead.

“It’s very strange for me to say that I’m having four boys and the fact that I’m a single mom is a little hard to swallow,” she said on the show after receiving the ultrasound. who revealed she had another boy. “Being pregnant and not knowing what to do, and if I have to keep the baby – I think I’m going through waves of emotion. Fast forward to ultrasound. At that time, now I think I had hope.

Now of course we know Lowry loves his youngest child – and nothing she went through during her pregnancy should reflect how she as a mother is towards him. But we’re all thankful that she shared this trip publicly, normalizing the doubt other parents might feel about adding to their family. What others choose is theirs, just like this mom.

Kailyn Lowry has a knack for naming babies, just like these other celebrities.

celebrity baby names

celebrity baby names

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