JVC’s OLED TV with 4K 120Hz looks great…if you can get it

Deep blacks and super smooth motion will be on display with JVC’s new range of 4K OLED TVs.

Available in 55-inch and 65-inch options, the new 9200 Series TVs are configured to deliver refresh rates up to 120Hz and feature HDMI 2.1 connectivity to rival the best 120Hz TVs available today.

Alongside an Auto Low Latency (ALLM) mode that automatically switches to the TVs lowest latency setting (a key feature of the best gaming TVs), there’s also Dolby Vision support with TVs running the latest version. Google’s Android TV operating system.

A new SuperResolution feature, meanwhile, claims to sharpen and upscale sub-4K images, using JVC’s Micro Dimming algorithm to further improve the dynamic contrast ratio.

Alongside these promising picture features, the 9200 also appears to have solid audio support, with built-in support for Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual, while the HDMI ports will feature eARC, which will appeal to anyone looking to install the TV as best you can. sound bars.

There’s plenty to admire about the design too, with the TVs featuring a frameless bezel look alongside a fancy swivel-base stand for fine-tuning viewing angles.

While no price tag is currently available for these new models, with these specs and JVC traditionally being a competitively priced brand, we expect these new OLED TVs to hover around bargaining territory given the features.

Now on to the bad news – the availability of the 9200 range appears to be limited to a few select European countries. The TVs are made by Turkish display giant Vestel, which licenses the JVC brand, but that license doesn’t seem to extend even to the whole of Europe, excluding the UK, France and the Nordics. .

So it’s frustrating for those of us in the US, UK, Australia and beyond…but still happy days for Germany, Spain and the Countries -Bas, with the 9200 range expected to go on sale in those countries next month.


(Image credit: JVC)

Analysis: New OLEDs are a bargain for European moviegoers

JVC was synonymous with offering great technology at great prices back in the day, so it’s nice to see the resurrected brand being linked to what appears to be a well-specified range of new OLEDs.

We still have a lot of questions to ask, in terms of the generation of LG Display panels used, whether the 9200 range can do 4K 120Hz over HDMI, and of course, their price.

But with the initial information we have and what we know of JVC’s usual prices, these new TVs might be hard to beat – it’s just a shame few of us seem likely to be lucky enough to nab any of them. a. Maybe that will change, but with the way the TV industry works, that seems unlikely.

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