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Partnerships, technology transfers and the provision of various critical equipment and materials that go into the production of COVID-19 vaccines are essential to increase production to meet the huge demand, the joint director of Bharat Biotech said on Saturday. , Suchitra Ella. Speaking at the EU-India business roundtable, Ella noted that more than patent relaxations, it is partnerships and the continued supply of critical materials that are essential to accelerate production and not only respond to the demand. domestic demand, but also to countries around the world.

She noted that collaborations are needed to meet the immunization needs of a large country like India.

“We are registering it (Covaxin) in the US and we would be happy to do it in Europe … So we would be happy to collaborate and partner with businesses and academic institutions in the EU.

“India is a big country, we cannot immunize 2.6 billion (twin doses for 1.3 billion people) of our population, who need it at this point,” Ella said.

Even an odd number of doses of two billion is something that is simply not feasible for any nation, she added.

“I know we all know this and understand the gist of it. But I’m sure we can bring in more technology or maybe the patents can be relaxed a bit and we as Indian manufacturers would be able to launch and use the new technology. and deploy them at our facilities, ”said Ella.

She added: “We can deploy mRNA technology, subunit vaccines and the whole range of biological material, and maybe technology transfer.”

This is all that is needed to have sufficient capacity in India to deliver vaccines not only to the country but also possibly to the rest of the world as soon as possible, Ella added.

Bharat Biotech is ready to partner with organizations in this regard, Ella said, adding that the company’s past is proof that it respects partnerships.

“We value partnerships and make sure that knowledge sharing and mutual ownership greatly contributes to the development of many solutions vital not only for India but for global markets,” she noted.

Ella added that the vaccine major has already worked successfully with various organizations to deploy around 6 to 8 products.

“We see technology as the backbone of our business. We know we won’t exist if we don’t have value systems like this,” she added.

While recognizing the importance of knowledge sharing and partnerships with the European Union (EU), she also highlighted the blockages in the supply of some critical equipment and materials needed for the production of Covaxin in the region.

“There is process equipment that is currently behind schedule in Europe. This is not a complaint, I am just saying that the amount of quantities we are ordering is probably wasting supplies.

“These are unprecedented numbers. So I think it’s important to share knowledge, technology and respect each other’s areas or interests,” Ella said.

She noted that the country’s vaccine makers needed raw materials in huge amounts so that the production of the COVID-19 vaccine could be improved.

“I want to reiterate that patents are important, but I don’t see them as a huge challenge at the moment.

“What we need are technology transfers and some materials for vaccine production that are coming to Europe,” Ella said when asked if patent easing would help vaccine manufacturers.

Bharat Biotech is in the process of increasing the manufacturing capacity of Covaxin to 70 crore per year.

Faced with the world’s fastest growing coronavirus outbreak, India has experienced a near collapse of its healthcare system in several regions, with hospitals running out of oxygen and not having enough beds to admit new patients.

To cope with the crisis, the government has, among other measures, opened vaccination for all over 18 years. But vaccine supply for people aged 18 to 44 has been left to states and private hospitals.

This has led state after state to rush to vaccine makers who can only meet a small portion of demand.

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