Inogen Hires BD Vice President of Diabetes for Marketing Director to Help Expand Home Oxygen Machine Line

With a new CEO in place and revenues rebounding from a tumultuous 2020, Inogen is looking to make its home and portable oxygen concentrator product line bigger and better than ever.

The next step? Hiring a Chief Medical Officer with decades of experience with medical technology and life science heavyweights like BD, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi.

That’s what Inogen found at Stanislav Glezer, MD, who will join the company as Marketing Director on June 21. He will lead the medical affairs, clinical research and regulatory branches of the device maker throughout its efforts to both expand its product line and broaden its current presence. in the oxygen equipment market.

Inogen currently offers five separate systems: three portable concentrators and one for home use as well as the Tidal Assist ventilator, which connects to oxygen tanks and concentrators to increase oxygen flow.

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In his new role, Glezer will focus largely on improving these systems and leading the development of new ones by initiating and overseeing clinical studies, he said in a statement. declaration.

“I look forward to contributing to the next phase of Inogen’s planned growth as we continue to seek ways to design patient-centered outcome studies to improve access to our best product offerings,” to enable prescribers to better serve their patients and improve our market position and value for our shareholders, ”he added.

Glezer comes to Inogen directly from BD, where he was vice president of global medical affairs in the medical device giant’s diabetes care business since 2018. Earlier this year, he also became global vice president of development. sales representative of the diabetes segment. Activities.

Prior to joining BD in 2017, Glezer served for a year as Chief Medical Officer of Adocia, a biotechnology company developing drugs to treat diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

Prior to that, he accumulated approximately two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical field. It started in the mid-1990s, when he spent two years as a product manager at Teva Pharmaceuticals in Russia, around the time he graduated in medicine from the State Medical University. and Moscow dentistry.

He then joined Pharmascience, Technilab Pharma and Berlex Laboratories – now Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals – before moving to Sanofi for nearly 15 years. There he served as Vice President of Medical Affairs and Clinical Evidence and, in his last role at Big Pharma, as Global Head of Long-Acting Insulin Development and Regulatory Process Toujeo. by Sanofi.

Shortly thereafter, Glezer served as vice president of medical affairs at Novo Nordisk for a year between 2016 and 2017.

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Inogen CEO Nabil Shabshab, who caught on the lead role in February – predicts that Glezer’s 25 years in medical, biotech and pharmaceutical technology “will be a tremendous catalyst to build a stronger Inogen and elevate our clinical capabilities overall.”

Shabshab continued, “I believe that expanding our clinical expertise and evidence base in respiratory therapy will be of great benefit to us in our efforts to drive our market development efforts to potentially increase the penetration of portable oxygen concentrators. in support of our growth strategy as well as our innovation program.

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