How to Manage Depression During Cancer Treatment

Cancer is said to be one of the deadly diseases suffered by people across the world. It can spread through the body, making it dangerous and sometimes deadly. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, it not only affects their physical health but also creates mental problems.

The trauma of having a big illness, multiple checkups, painful chemotherapy sessions, and heavy medications can make a person feel depressed. Depression is quite common in people with cancer because the fears and stress associated with the disease deteriorates mental health, leading to depression. If you have cancer and have bouts of depression or know someone, follow these tips for managing depression.

speak and express
It is believed that patients who talk about their feelings are less likely to become depressed. While people with depression often feel like cutting themselves off from the world, it’s important to talk and express how you feel to get rid of any negative feelings.

Ask for help
Do not hesitate to ask for help. It can be a difficult time for you and your family, but family is there whenever you need them, so whenever you feel like collapsing, reach out to them and seek medical help.

Stay in touch with your doctor
The more you fear reality and avoid talking to the doctor, the more anxious and depressed you become thinking about it. It is always best to check in with your doctor regularly and learn about your progress as this will make you stronger and give you the power to fight. Apart from that, it will also prevent you from feeling helpless and alone.

Indulge in yoga and meditation
Yoga and meditation have proven to be a great way to deal with depression. However, it will also boost your immunity and make you fight cancer. Try simple asanas that won’t strain your body.

If possible, try to do physical activities like walking and running. It is believed that exercise increases the level of endorphin hormone which elevates your mood. So if you’re feeling down, try pushing yourself to walk.

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