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Covid-19 has had a tragic effect on mental well-being around the world, leading to an increase in severe anxiety and depression across the world, according to a new report published yesterday in the medical journal The Lancet. Compared with 2019, cases of major depressive disorder increased by 28% and cases of severe anxiety increased by 26%.

Without Covid-19, researchers estimated after examining 48 datasets covering 204 countries, there would have been around 193 million cases of depression worldwide (2,471 cases per 100,000 people) and 298 million cases of depression. anxiety (3,825 per 100,000) in 2020. Covid-19 – and its consequences, including bereavement, illness and lack of mobility – added millions more cases, especially where outbreaks were more severe. Globally, in 2020, there were 246 million cases of depression and 374 million cases of anxiety. Women are more affected than men, accounting for 66% of additional cases of depression and 68% of those of anxiety.

Even before this peak, only 30% of people worldwide have reliable access to mental health treatment. According to the World Health Organization, this number declines even more in low- and middle-income countries, where less than 24% of people have access to mental health treatment.

New investment opportunities in behavioral health

In the United States, 30% of adults have mental health problems, but only 37% of those who need mental health services have access to them. This is especially true in rural areas like Wyoming, where 96% of the population lives in areas without reliable access to mental health, or Utah, where 83% do.

Until recently, this strong demand had not resulted in an increase in supply. Many mental health workers are aging, but low reimbursement rates for demanding work with high risk of burnout have discouraged new practitioners from replacing them.

But the dramatic increase in the need for mental health services that emerged during the pandemic has started to attract investors. This is in part because the expansion of telehealth services is making it easier to start mental health businesses, especially in areas with low patient numbers.

Since 2020, behavioral health acquisitions have exploded in the United States, making it the most sought-after sector in healthcare transactions. In 2020, venture capital funds invested $ 1.5 billion in mental health startups, and 2021 saw an increase in investment of over 70% over 2020. In the first quarter of 2021, there is had 29 behavioral health mergers and acquisitions, and the pace hasn’t given up since.

In particular, private equity invested in drug treatment centers, taking advantage of the fact that many existing providers experienced financial difficulties during the pandemic. Meanwhile, major telehealth providers, such as K Health and AmWell, continue to acquire digital mental health companies, consolidating remote health services.

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Apple’s next 12.9-inch OLED iPad Pro line will have display panels made by LG instead of Samsung https://www.tenil.net/apples-next-12-9-inch-oled-ipad-pro-line-will-have-display-panels-made-by-lg-instead-of-samsung/ https://www.tenil.net/apples-next-12-9-inch-oled-ipad-pro-line-will-have-display-panels-made-by-lg-instead-of-samsung/#respond Sat, 09 Oct 2021 06:29:29 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/apples-next-12-9-inch-oled-ipad-pro-line-will-have-display-panels-made-by-lg-instead-of-samsung/
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Earlier we heard a report that Apple is launching its 12.9-inch OLED iPad Pro line no earlier than 2023, and better yet, the device will support LTPO technology. And now we have additional information regarding the device that LG Display will place orders for Apple and also that mass production of the display is expected to start between the end of 2023 and 2024.

According to sources, LG Display will process Apple’s orders, although usually it would have been Samsung which was Apple’s preferred company for sourcing high-quality panels. However, reports suggest the Cupertino-based tech giant has apparently fallen out with the Korean maker, at least over a future iPad Air panel.

IPads are held for much longer periods of time than iPhones, so it was inevitable that Apple couldn’t keep its one-time deal with Samsung for several years. LG would therefore develop a dual-stack OLED panel structure.

Apple switches to OLED panels for iPad despite switching to mini-LED for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

While there are reports that LG may not get much out of the company in terms of profit generation, so this deal could very well be a measure to appease Apple and secure future orders, thus reducing the number of orders Samsung receives from Apple.

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics is expected to supply iPad Pro OLED panels, but the number of orders received was not discussed in the report. In the next generation iPad Pro, we could see the device panel featuring the same Gen 6 substrates as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max while also supporting LTPO TFT technology.

This could mean that the premium tablet could dynamically change its refresh rate between 10Hz and 120Hz depending on what was displayed. This will lead to exceptional conservation of battery life.

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The source

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To create Hulu’s “Dopesick”, Danny Strong fell into Purdue Pharma’s burrow https://www.tenil.net/to-create-hulus-dopesick-danny-strong-fell-into-purdue-pharmas-burrow/ https://www.tenil.net/to-create-hulus-dopesick-danny-strong-fell-into-purdue-pharmas-burrow/#respond Sat, 09 Oct 2021 03:54:09 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/to-create-hulus-dopesick-danny-strong-fell-into-purdue-pharmas-burrow/

In the new “Dopesick” series, which premieres on Hulu on October 13, Michael Keaton plays Samuel Finnix, a salt-of-the-earth country doctor in the Appalachians. He is initially skeptical when Billy, a sales representative for Purdue Pharma, offers samples of a new pain reliever called OxyContin. Dr Finnix is ​​worried about pill abuse, but Billy, played by Will Poulter, assures him the drug is not addictive, and points out that the FDA even made a special label saying so.

It turns out that Purdue Pharma was involved in the writing of this FDA label. OxyContin was extremely addictive and through aggressive sales and shameless deception, the now infamous Sackler family and their business sparked an epidemic that has killed 500,000 people since 1999, according to the CDC.

“Dopesick” was created by Danny Strong, an actor, writer and producer who wrote the scripts for the HBO films “Recount” and “Game Change”, as well as “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”. He also co-created the hit Fox series “Empire”.

In “Dopesick”, Strong weaves several plots to show how the Sacklers made billions promoting death. And it follows federal officials who have worked for years to expose the lies and deceptions of Purdue Pharma.

Strong eventually teamed up with investigative reporter Beth Macy, who wrote the 2018 bestselling book “Dopesick.” Strong had taken an interest in the subject earlier that year, during a meeting with producer John Goldwyn.

“When you start to read about Purdue’s crimes and the extent of their lies and how they mislabeled and manipulated, peddled influence, you just can’t believe it. You just can’t believe what they did, ”Strong says.

“The whole story is so shocking, I just had to figure out how to get it told in a mainstream way.”

This part took a long time.

Given his previous work, Strong believed his idea for a series would be greeted with open arms, especially once he teamed up with “Dopesick” writer Beth Macy.

Strong says, “I walked around these grounds like, ‘I’m going back to my non-fiction roots! Like ‘Recount’ and ‘Game Change!’ And I have a bestselling book! ‘”

But the reaction? “Nobody cares.” Oh, ‘Recount?’ Cute. That was 14 years ago, you know?

Hollywood can be cold, although Strong did eventually get an offer from FX. Although in the end, it was Hulu that made the series. After the streamer said yes, the pieces started to fall into place. They picked Michael Keaton and hired director Barry Levinson for the “Dopesick” pilot.

Strong tells KCRW of his attempt to find the humanity of Richard Sackler, the person behind Purdue’s relentless OxyContin strategy, and his race to beat Netflix, which also has an opioid epidemic project underway.

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Advantages, disadvantages, costs and more https://www.tenil.net/advantages-disadvantages-costs-and-more/ https://www.tenil.net/advantages-disadvantages-costs-and-more/#respond Fri, 08 Oct 2021 13:48:09 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/advantages-disadvantages-costs-and-more/

Adjust the slopes. Climate control. No waiting at traffic lights. Are you wondering how these things relate? Well, these are just a few of the many benefits of running indoors on a treadmill.

Whether you like to run while watching TV or need an indoor option for a rainy day, treadmills offer a convenient way to stay fit in the comfort of your home.

While there are many makes and models to choose from, if you’re looking for a treadmill you’ve probably come across the Bowflex T10 and T22 before.

For over 35 years, Bowflex has been a well-established brand that is known for producing quality exercise equipment including weights, home gyms, exercise bikes, step bars and treadmills.

The T10 and T22 are Bowflex’s current treadmill models, both with features and workout options.

However, with so many treadmill options on the market, you might be wondering if the T10 or T22 is worth buying.

Don’t worry, we’ve put the information together to help you decide if a Bowflex treadmill is right for you.

Bowflex currently offers two models of conveyor belts, including the T10 and T22.

Treadmills offer top speeds of up to 12 mph (19 km / h), incline and descent adjustments, HD touchscreens, Bluetooth capabilities, and compatibility with the Bowflex JRNY app for classes in streaming.

They are also designed with Easy SoftDrop technology and transport wheels, allowing you to easily fold and store your machine between workouts.

However, there are slight differences between the two models, including price, screen size, and maximum tilt.

Here’s a closer look at the Bowflex T10 and T22.

The Bowflex T10

The Bowflex T10 treadmill supports users weighing up to 400 pounds (181.4 kg) and is 85 inches long by 39.6 inches wide by 65.3 inches high (215.8 × 100.5 × 165.9 cm).

In addition to a padded racing deck, the machine offers a 10-inch (25.4cm) HD touchscreen, which can be used to access applications, including:

  • JRNY
  • Zwift
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney +

The screen also displays key performance metrics, such as distance, incline setting, speed, heart rate, calories burned, and elapsed time.

In addition, the machine offers Bluetooth connectivity, Bluetooth speakers and a USB charging port to stream music from your device.

Other notable features include a water bottle holder, accessory tray, media shelf, and transport wheels.

As for training options, the Bowflex T10 will easily challenge you with speeds of up to 12 mph (19 km / h) and a motorized incline of -5% to 15%.

The Bowflex T22

Measuring 85 inches long by 39.6 inches wide by 70 inches high (215.8 x 100.5 x 177.7 cm), the Bowflex T22 is slightly larger than the T10 due to its larger size. screen and its extended handlebar grip.

The main differences between the two models are the screen size, the maximum tilt level and the extended handlebar grip, which keep you safe on higher inclines.

Like the T10, the T22 offers speeds of up to 12 mph (19 km / h) and a maximum drop of -5%. However, the incline of the T22 goes up to 20%.

The T22 also comes equipped with a 22-inch (56cm) HD touchscreen, which features the same performance metrics and is compatible with the same applications as the T10.

Aside from these differences, the T10 and T22 offer nearly identical specs, however, the T22 also comes at a higher price point.

Whichever machine you choose, installing treadmills is a two-man job. You can also pay extra for expert assembly.

The Bowflex JRNY app is a fitness platform offering individualized adaptive workouts on demand.

This means that in addition to classes, the app offers you workouts every day based on your fitness level and even adjusts the difficulty settings based on your progress.

JRNY also offers real-time coaching to keep you motivated and hit your target zones during your workout.

For even more motivation, the app offers curated playlists, as well as scenic routes through different parts of the world.

Additionally, the T10 and T22 include unlimited user profiles on the JRNY app, so you don’t have to worry about your family members affecting your performance stats.

Here are the current prices for Bowflex treadmills:

Bowflex also offers monthly payment plans for qualified customers, reducing the cost to $ 112 or $ 150 per month for 18 months for the T10 and T22, respectively.

Shipping is free for deliveries to the continental United States. For orders outside of the company’s delivery area, the shipping charge is $ 99.99.

In-home assembly can also be added to your order and the price will vary depending on your location.

Both models include a free one-year JRNY subscription. After the first year, you will need to pay $ 19.99 per month to continue your subscription.

Bowflex treadmill warranty

The T10 and T22 treadmills come with a standard Bowflex warranty, which includes:

  • Frame and motor 15 years
  • 5 year coins
  • 2 years of labor
  • 1 year of electronics

For an additional $ 199, labor coverage can be extended to 5 years.

Reviews are generally positive for the T10 and T22, with customers finding the treadmills overall to be excellent value for money.

Specifically, customers note that the machines feel like they are built to last and suitable for all fitness levels.

Many users also mention that the T10 and T22 feel like quality machines for gyms (praise!), Although some customers complain that treadmills are bulkier and not ideal for small spaces. .

Another common criticism is that the JRNY app tends to focus on cardio training and doesn’t offer as much variety as other fitness apps.

The Bowflex T10 and T22 are far from the only high quality treadmills on the market.

Here’s how the two machines stack up against two of their main competitors:

The Bowflex T10, NordicTrack Commercial 1750, and ProForm Pro9000 all cost less than $ 2,000 and offer very similar features, including speeds of up to 12 mph (19 km / h), HD touchscreens, and streaming.

They also include tilt and decline options, although the Bowflex T10 has the most decline options of the three treadmills.

However, while the Bowflex T10 is also larger than the NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills, it does offer more streaming options and a higher maximum weight capacity.

As a result, the T10 is a more robust and versatile machine.

That said, if a larger screen is a top priority for you, the ProForm Pro 9000 is a more affordable alternative to the Bowflex T22, although it also includes fewer tilt levels and a lower maximum weight capacity than the T22.

With their sturdy constructions, the T10 or T22 Bowflex treadmill is a great investment for any home gym.

Plus, since they include a free one-year JRNY membership, both machines offer plenty of challenges regardless of your fitness level.

Are you trying to decide between the T10 and the T22?

The T10 is the best bang for the buck, as it has almost identical specs to the T22, but it comes at a fraction of the price.

While the T10 is our choice for a rugged, high-quality machine, the types of classes available on the JRNY app are more limited than iFit.

Therefore, if you are looking for more cross training options, you will want to consider the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 or the ProForm Pro9000.

One more thing to keep in mind is that while they are foldable, the T10 and T22 take up decent floor space. So if there is little room in your home for gym equipment, you’ll want to look for a more compact option.

The Bowflex T10 and T22 are heavy-duty, high-quality treadmills built to last.

If screen size isn’t your top priority, the T10 is the better choice overall, as it offers almost the same features and training options, but at a more affordable price.

However, if streaming TV or lessons is what gets you up and running in the morning, the T22 may be worth it.

Whichever treadmill you choose, be sure to consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning any new exercise program. After all, whether it’s running indoors or out, it’s important to keep safety first!

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Sensex, Nifty Trade Higher, Led by IT Stocks, Reliance https://www.tenil.net/sensex-nifty-trade-higher-led-by-it-stocks-reliance/ https://www.tenil.net/sensex-nifty-trade-higher-led-by-it-stocks-reliance/#respond Fri, 08 Oct 2021 08:48:36 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/sensex-nifty-trade-higher-led-by-it-stocks-reliance/

Benchmarks were trading half a percent higher on Friday afternoon, led by computer stocks. The market opened on a positive note amid positive global indices, indices rose further in the first half of the year after the Reserve Bank of India’s monetary policy committee chose to maintain a status quo on key rates.

The gains were also supported by heavyweights like Reliance. The volatility index weakened 2.36 percent to drop below 16 to 15.77. At 1 p.m., the Sensex BSE which had passed the 60,000 mark in the first half, recording an intraday high of 60,212.30 was trading at 59,996.36, up 318.53 points or 0.53% . It recorded an intraday low of 59,830.93.

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The Nifty 50, which nearly missed the 18,000 mark with an intraday high of 17,941.85, was trading at 17,886.25, up 95.90 points or 0.54%. It hit an intraday low of 17,840.35. IT stocks advanced further ahead of second quarter FY2022 results. Tata Consultancy Services will be the first large company to report second quarter results today.

Wipro, Reliance, Infosys, Tata Motors and Tech Mahindra were the top winners on the Nifty 50 while Divi’s Lab, Hindustan Unilever, Dr Reddy, NTPC and Shree Cement were the main losers.

The RBI decided to maintain co status because the repo rate is 4 percent and the repo rate is 3.35 percent. Against a backdrop of an uneven recovery in growth and concerns about soaring inflation, it also continued its accommodative stance to support growth.

“The MPC voted unanimously to maintain the status quo on the key repo rate and a 5: 1 majority to maintain the accommodative position,” said RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das, who chairs the MPC, adding that the position remains accommodative to revive and maintain growth.

According to Nilesh Shah, Group Chairman and CEO, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company, RBI policy aims to achieve several goals.

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“Keep growth sustained, inflation expectations under control, financial markets stable, adequate and appropriate liquidity, the yield curve in shape and ensure the smooth passage of the government borrowing program.” They reassured the markets that the normalization of monetary policy will be gradual and calibrated, ”Shah said.

Churchil Bhatt, EVP Debt Investments, Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company Limited said: “The MPC has decided to maintain its accommodative policy and opted for a ‘resolute pause’ in policy rates to support ‘sustainable growth’ with a solid foundation. . While the MPC kept its GDP growth forecast for FY2022 at 9.5%, it revised its projection for FY2022 down 40 basis points to 5.3% due to lower food inflation.

“The MPC recognized that crude oil and other commodity prices remain a threat to the inflation path, but weak demand should limit the pass-through to output prices. Importantly, on the equity front, the RBI marked the start of a “gradual reduction” in liquidity by extending the duration of VRR auctions, a move widely expected by the markets. While the RBI has refrained from committing a GSAP amount to support bond yields, its focus on “orderly movement of the yield curve” should reassure bond markets. We expect the 10Y Gsec to trade in a range of 6.20% to 6.40% in the near term, ”added Bhatt.

Well received by the market

According to experts, the market reacted well to the announcement as no curve ball was launched this session. Jimeet Modi, founder and CEO of Samco Group, said RBI’s strategy for the future is likely to be “a classic textbook” with cash management, the first check on their agenda, followed by an increase in catches. in reverse boarding.

“The VRRR liquidity auction schedule through December is a welcome move that definitely sheds more light on the liquidity reduction front. If the Fed’s position in November goes as expected, then December could be the moment when the RBI will finally start to reduce the spread between the repo and reverse repo rates. In short, this time the policy has not thrown any balls, and therefore has been well received by the market, ”Modi said.

Dr VK Vijayakumar, Chief Investment Strategist at Geojit Financial Services, said: “Some initiatives to absorb excess liquidity from the system have been welcomed by the money market, which has pushed the 10-year yield up to 6, 3%. In short, no hawkish message from the Central Bank: the policy will support growth; inflation will be under control.

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Rahul Sharma, co-founder of Equity99 when announcing the RBI policy, said, “We expect the policy will benefit the market and the banks will perform well. NBFC internal grievance mechanism.

Pharma, FMCG and Realty down on profit taking

On a sectoral level, IT, Automotive and Metals were concentrated while Realty, Pharma and FMCG recorded profits. Nifty IT was up 2 percent while Nifty Metal was up 0.61 percent. Nifty Auto was up 0.57 percent.

Meanwhile, Nifty Realty was down 2.80%. Nifty Pharma and Nifty Healthcare Index fell 0.45% and 0.46%. Nifty FMCG and Nifty Consumer Durables fell 0.46% and 0.27%. PSU Bank shares also trailed with Nifty PSU Bank down 0.47%.

The larger indices were also in the green. Nifty Midcap 50 rose 0.35% while Nifty Smallcap 50 rose 0.83%. The S&P BSE Midcap was up 0.12% while the S&P BSE Smallcap was up 0.63%.

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Depression, anxiety generally unrelated to inflammatory bowel disease https://www.tenil.net/depression-anxiety-generally-unrelated-to-inflammatory-bowel-disease/ https://www.tenil.net/depression-anxiety-generally-unrelated-to-inflammatory-bowel-disease/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:03:18 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/depression-anxiety-generally-unrelated-to-inflammatory-bowel-disease/

New research shows that patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are not significantly related to most psychiatric symptoms, including depression, anxiety, and stress.

A team, led by Thomas C. Mules, Christchurch Hospital, Canterbury District Health Board, Canterbury, New Zealand, correlated objective measures of disease activity with psychological symptoms in IBD patients.

Previous research shows that IBD patients are more likely to suffer from symptoms of psychological illnesses, including depression, anxiety, and stress.

“The presence of psychological illness has negative impacts on quality of life and IBD-related outcomes,” the authors wrote. “Successful treatment of psychological illness can improve quality of life and health outcomes, which makes diagnosis and implementation of treatment extremely important. “

The study

In the study, investigators looked at adult IBD patients who underwent ileocoloscopies. The team collected different data points on demographics, psychological symptoms including depression, anxiety and stress, disease activity including symptoms, biomarkers, endoscopy and quality of life.

Each participant completed questionnaires on symptoms, psychological health and quality of life. Investigators also collected stool samples for biomarker analysis during the week before their ileocoloscopy.

Investigators also collected stool samples during the 6-month follow-up appointment and each participant responded to the same questionnaires.

The researchers used one-way ANOVA and multivariate analyzes to examine associations between disease activity and symptoms of psychological disease. They also identified other predictors of mental illness and reduced quality of life.

The study included 172 patients, including 107 with Crohn’s disease and 65 patients with ulcerative colitis.

No link

Researchers did not find a significant link between objective disease activity, whether it was endoscopic scores, fecal calprotectin, or C-reactive protein, and scores for depression, anxiety, or of stress (P > 0.05 for all comparisons).

On the other hand, gastrointestinal symptoms were significantly associated with depression, anxiety and stress in patients with IBD (P <0.05).

After the implementation of the multivariate analysis, only gastrointestinal symptoms were significantly related to severe symptoms of depression (OR, 20.78; 95% CI, 6.71-92.37; P <0.001) and anxiety (OR, 4.26; 95% CI, 1.70-12.25; P = 0.004).

Trends were also observed depending on the treatment used for IBD.

The use of anti-TNF and corticosteroids, as well as the presence of severe depressive symptoms, moderate to severe stress and gastrointestinal symptoms, and endoscopically active IBD have been associated with reduced quality of life (P <0.05) and longer duration of IBD predicted improved quality of life (P <0.05).

Improving quality of life is a key goal for clinicians, with several modifiable factors identified during the study that may be of benefit for patients with IBD.

“Objective measures of disease activity are not associated with symptoms of psychological disease in IBD patients,” the authors wrote. “Clinicians should consider an underlying mental illness in IBD patients with active gastrointestinal symptoms. “

The study, “The impact of disease activity on psychological symptoms and quality of life in patients with inflammatory bowel disease – Study results on stress, anxiety and depression with disease activity (SADD) ”, was published online in Food and therapeutic pharmacology.

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Oliver Wyman Acquires Huron Life Sciences Strategy Practice https://www.tenil.net/oliver-wyman-acquires-huron-life-sciences-strategy-practice/ https://www.tenil.net/oliver-wyman-acquires-huron-life-sciences-strategy-practice/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 12:38:50 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/oliver-wyman-acquires-huron-life-sciences-strategy-practice/

Management consulting firm Oliver Wyman has acquired the life sciences strategy business of Huron Consulting Group.

Huron’s life sciences company works with pharmaceutical and medical clients on their most pressing business, marketing, pricing, market access and R&D challenges.

Oliver Wyman’s acquisition of the practice will add approximately 80 professionals, including 12 partners, to his healthcare and life sciences practice. John Westwood, Huron’s Life Sciences business manager, will lead Oliver Wyman’s global life sciences team.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Its closure is scheduled for November 2021.

“The entire healthcare industry, including the life sciences, is under tremendous pressure,” said Nick Studer, President and CEO of Oliver Wyman. “The past year has shown the transformative impact that life science companies can have, and Oliver Wyman is committed to working with them to make life-saving innovation affordable and accessible to all. Having this experienced team join us from Huron will allow Oliver Wyman to have an even greater impact on the healthcare industry.

The Huron team will join Oliver Wyman’s global team of more than 5,000 people. The company, which is owned by Marsh McLennan, provides strategy, operations, risk, restructuring, digital, organizational effectiveness, marketing and sustainability services to a wide range of industries.

“The combination of Oliver Wyman’s global focus and capabilities with Huron’s deep industry expertise will provide the scale needed to support the increasingly complex market and access challenges facing organizations. life sciences, ”said James Roth, CEO of Huron.

Huron, a Chicago-based, publicly traded management consulting firm, will focus its resources and investments on its healthcare and education practices, as well as its cutting-edge technology offerings. Last year, the company acquired data management consulting firm Unico Solution and Salesforce specialist ForceIQ.

Huron says its life sciences business accounted for about 2% of total revenue in the nine-month period ended September 30, 2021. The company, which has around 3,750 people, projects 2021 revenue to be between 875 million and $ 905 million and adjusted EBITDA as a percentage of revenue in the range of 10.8% to 11.3%. Huron does not expect the divestiture to have a significant impact on projected revenues or Adjusted EBITDA margin percentage.

]]> https://www.tenil.net/oliver-wyman-acquires-huron-life-sciences-strategy-practice/feed/ 0 US CEOs Share Experience of Coming Together to Help India During Covid Crisis https://www.tenil.net/us-ceos-share-experience-of-coming-together-to-help-india-during-covid-crisis/ https://www.tenil.net/us-ceos-share-experience-of-coming-together-to-help-india-during-covid-crisis/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 03:23:22 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/us-ceos-share-experience-of-coming-together-to-help-india-during-covid-crisis/

Top U.S. CEOs, who were at the forefront of galvanizing the business community to help India during its Covid-19 crisis earlier this year, reflected on Wednesday on the outpouring of support for their efforts to save lives in India.

“I will always remember the spring weekend when Julie Sweet (CEO of Accenture) and others brought us together, we met via video and talked about what has been a terrible tragedy and urgent crisis. “said Brad, president and general counsel of Microsoft. Smith said at the US-India Business Council’s Ideas on India Summit.

A number of U.S. CEOs gathered in a video call over a weekend that laid the groundwork for one of the largest humanitarian relief efforts ever carried out collectively by the country’s private sector.

“As we saw Covid rates rise in India, we saw that people’s lives were literally on the line. We saw what it meant for our own employees, some of whom tragically died as a result of this terrible time. “, did he declare.

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“And yet I think we should also take inspiration from the fact that this tragedy has allowed us to discover a renewed and expanded capacity among us within the business community, in terms of what we can do when we come together.” Smith told the virtual audience.

Smith, along with Sweet and Arvind Krishna, CEO and President of IBM, received the USIBC Global Leadership Humanitarian Award from Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog.

“In this situation, we found that if we worked together we could mobilize not only our financial resources but our expertise, our logistics supply chains, we could get PPE and critical oxygen related equipment, we We could buy it, we could move it, and we could get it to the people who needed it so we could help save lives, ”Smith said.

“We found that when we acted together, we could not only use our resources and expertise, but we could use our voice. We could use our voice to reach out to governments, including in Washington, DC, and we could also persuade them to do more, ”he said.

“And what we found was that when we combined our strengths in the public and private sectors, together we had a capability that I think neither of us fully appreciated until it. be put to the test. The other thing that we took away from this experience was the determination to help not only the Indian people, but those elsewhere in the world, ”said Smith.

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On April 23, Sweet said she was with her team and they were reviewing this week’s data. Covid cases have increased 160%. “By making a few calls the next day, it was clear to all of us, many, many companies had this in mind and that we could do more together than any of us, the government, the non-profit companies. lucrative couldn’t do it alone, ”she said.

So on April 24, Sweet sent an email around 9:30 p.m. on behalf of Krishna and herself and invited several CEOs and organizations to answer a call at 11:00 a.m. the next day.

“The next day, 20 CEOs, representatives of the US Chambers of Commerce, the India-US Strategy and Partnership Forum, the Business RoundTable, we all hopped on a call. There were no staff, there were no pre-briefings and no slides, ”she said.

“We were just sharing, hearing Raj from FedEx talking about what was going on in the logistics business; hear Alberto and, and Ken, what was happening on the pharmaceutical side. All sharing and all united by one goal. How can we help? ”Said sweet.

“We often talk about the opportunities with the pandemic to rebuild better. And this task force is a real example of our best reconstruction, ”said the CEO of Accenture, accepting the award. Observing that the Covid-19 pandemic has been the greatest challenge of a lifetime, Krishna said stopping its spread is a global problem that demands a global response.

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“I would also like to recognize that no country has had greater challenges on Covid than India. Protecting so many people and ensuring that accurate information is shared and widely available is difficult. Public-private partnerships are essential to the response to the pandemic, as well as to solving other major challenges, ”he said.

“Together, we will continue to ship medical supplies and other aids. Defeating Covid-19 is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes collaboration, innovation and endurance. But I am convinced that by continuing to work together we will find our way through this difficult time and prevail, ”Krishna said.

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Connecticut hospitals see increase in behavioral health cases in children – NBC Connecticut https://www.tenil.net/connecticut-hospitals-see-increase-in-behavioral-health-cases-in-children-nbc-connecticut/ https://www.tenil.net/connecticut-hospitals-see-increase-in-behavioral-health-cases-in-children-nbc-connecticut/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 00:31:46 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/connecticut-hospitals-see-increase-in-behavioral-health-cases-in-children-nbc-connecticut/

Growing at a staggering rate, hospitals across the state are seeing a rapid increase in the number of children requiring behavioral health treatment. Depression and anxiety have become common. It has become a concern for families and hospitals.

Earlier this week, the Department of Public Health was at Connecticut Children’s. They are working with them to monitor the situation and provide advice during this outbreak. The medical center says what he is seeing now is about two and a half times what he experienced before the pandemic.

“Every day we would have over 20 children in the emergency room awaiting placement. It was very difficult. But now that number has grown into the 1940s, ”said James Shmerling, CEO of Connecticut Children.

The Connecticut Department of Health took note. In a statement, they said they visited Connecticut Children’s over the weekend and were trying to identify options for patients 16 and older at other hospitals with appropriate psychiatric services.

The problem is one that many hospitals in the state face. Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital handles a similar volume of cases.

“It’s a crisis and we’re going to have to deal with it from a triage point of view. Just like we did during Covid, ”said Cynthia Sparer, executive director of Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital.

Hospital officials say this is a problem they have seen developing for some time and which has only been made worse by the pandemic.

“What happened was children were isolated at home,” Shmerling said. “Social isolation has not been good for them.”

With state hospitals facing high volumes, the CEO of the Child Health & Development Institute offers another option of help instead of a hospital visit.

“If you’re under 18 in the state of Connecticut, you can access Mobile Crisis by calling 211,” said Jeff Vanderploeg, CEO of the Child Health & Development Institute.

If you are in crisis and live in Connecticut, you can call 2-1-1 and press 1 for help. If you are outside of Connecticut you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting “Home” to 741741.

Mobile Crisis is a publicly funded service that people can access by calling 211 and following directions from children’s services. Jeff Vanderploeg explains that independently licensed clinical social workers will come directly to the situation, usually within an hour.

“What they’re very good at is being able to stabilize a very difficult situation and really meet an immediate need in a crisis,” said Vanderploeg.

Vanderploeg says the service is also easing pressure on hospitals, as some children with mild to moderate needs can be identified, eliminating the need for an emergency room visit.

Solutions are something that hospitals across the state are looking for. Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital says it sees between 50 and 60 cases a day.

“The problem is real and we’re going to have to take a long-term view to find solutions,” Sparer said.

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Stone Village Television to Adapt Ryan Hampton’s “Unsettled” for Series – The Hollywood Reporter https://www.tenil.net/stone-village-television-to-adapt-ryan-hamptons-unsettled-for-series-the-hollywood-reporter/ https://www.tenil.net/stone-village-television-to-adapt-ryan-hamptons-unsettled-for-series-the-hollywood-reporter/#respond Wed, 06 Oct 2021 22:56:09 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/stone-village-television-to-adapt-ryan-hamptons-unsettled-for-series-the-hollywood-reporter/

An internal account of the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy airs on television.

Stone Village Television by Scott Steindorff and Dylan Russell has landed the television rights to Ryan Hampton’s next book Unstable. A plug is not yet attached.

Unsolved: How Purdue Pharma’s Bankruptcy Failed US Overdose Crisis Victims (St. Martin’s Press), due for release Oct. 5, tells “the inside story of Purdue’s excruciating Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, the eventual restructuring of the business, and the escape of the Sackler family. of any real responsibility, ”according to the publisher. Unstable also details “the untold story of how a group of determined ordinary people tried to ensure that justice was done against all odds – and in the face of brutal opposition from powerful institutions and even government officials.”

Steindorff and Russell will produce with Zhara Astra to co-produce. Hampton will also produce the limited series.

Purdue Pharma, the maker of the addictive pain reliever OxyContin – which contributed to the national opioid epidemic – and a company controlled by the billionaire Sackler family, filed for bankruptcy in September 2019 to protect itself from lawsuits for its role in the overdose crisis. Last month, a bankruptcy settlement promised to distribute billions of dollars to fight the outbreak, with the Sackler family contributing $ 4.5 billion to the settlement.

Appointed by the Department of Justice, Hampton served as co-chair of the official creditors committee in the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case which represented the victims. After the case closed on September 1, Hampton resigned from the committee on August 31. Hampton also worked as a member of Bill Clinton’s campaign staff. He previously published, American Fix, in 2018.

Steindorff said in a statement: “This is one of the greatest tragedies in American history and one of the greatest criminal enterprises brought on by greed. It will be like Insider meets Erin Brockovich – detailing how the settlement, worth billions of dollars, only benefited the government, insurance companies, corporations and those who caused the crime. The criminals escaped, leaving countless Americans stranded. The victims most injured by Purdue Pharma not only suffered and died as a result of their recklessness, but only an insulting percentage of the colony remains. “

Hampton adds, “I am grateful to partner with Scott Steindorff and the entire Stone Village team on this important project. There is no better combination of storytelling genius to bring justice to the victims who have been left behind by Big Law, Big Government, and Big Pharma. “

In addition to Unstable, other ongoing Stone Village projects include HBO Max Eleven station (to be released this year) and an adaptation by Mary Shelley Frankenstein for TV. The production company also obtained the rights to the book from author Charles Leerhsen Butch Cassidy: The True Story of an American Outlaw following a multi-point-of-sale bidding war.

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