Treatment Of Depression

Kenosha News editorial: These psychedelic experiences at UW are for therapy | Editorial

They are experimenting with psychedelic drugs again at UW-Madison. No, we’re not talking about wide-eyed college students in tie-dyed T-shirts walking along Picnic Point whispering “Oh, Wow” as they do their own “independent research” into spiritualism and religion. self-realization. It was in the 60s. We’re talking about research, rigorously controlled …

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Depression, anxiety associated with osteocalcin, cortisol in hyperparathyroidism

Serum cortisol and osteocalcin levels may be associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism, according to research results published in Frontiers in endocrinology. To date, the relationships between changes in cortisol and osteocalcin concentrations in primary hyperparathyroidism, as well as their relationships and psychological characteristics …

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Our patients are resilient | MedPage today

Patient name and other descriptors have been changed to protect confidentiality. Sara is a 14 year old patient of mine. I am a clinical psychologist and have been treating her for about 15 months. Sara has struggled with trauma and associated psychiatric symptoms since the coronavirus ravaged her family. This …

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