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You’d think that with all the access we now have through social media, the internet, and gay-friendly places, it would be a little easier to find the perfect person you want to spend your time with. Spoiler alert, in case you haven’t already experienced it, it’s definitely not easy. And with so many of our social lives online with COVID-19, there are even more dangers that arise.

Online apps and websites didn’t make it easy, and they didn’t make it safer, either. If you follow the news, you’ve probably seen plenty of stories about cat fishing, theft, and muggings. And that’s not the worst. Last December alone, a Michigan man murdered after meeting someone he met on Grindr.

Following a few ground rules when meeting someone can help keep you safe. Stay in well-populated places and make sure your friends know where you are going and who you are going to meet. Better yet, bring them with you, even if they’re just nearby to make sure everything stays in place.

However, security concerns don’t start and end with the encounter. Websites and apps have access to tons of information. Not just personal information, like name and age, but also critical information about your banking, debts, and address. Whether you are using an app on a mobile device or just surfing ads from your computer, every time you register your information is vulnerable to hackers.

So be a little careful and never forget that the person you are communicating with could be someone other than who they say they are. Remember to take these extra precautions when you meet them, but before you even sign up for these accounts, take the time to make sure your internet devices – and your information – are properly protected from potential hackers and thieves. .

Protect your information on dating sites

Here’s what to keep in mind when setting up your dating apps, profiles, and submitting information through a website:

  • Avoid using your full legal name. It is tempting to flaunt your name, especially when you are looking for a real relationship based on honesty. The truth is, however, that you are likely to encounter numerous people you don’t want to interact with. There are also people who will try to use your name to steal your identity. Do yourself and your sensitive information a favor and save your full name for those you are sure you want around you.
  • Stick to home and trusted networks. The information you need to share, including payment information on sites that require it, should be protected using a trusted network. Always use a password on your network to deter uninvited third parties from snooping on your sensitive information, poaching it, and using it however they see fit.
  • Choose two-factor authentication when possible. Sometimes, even with precautions, someone can hack your account. They’ll come out of there with your information if you haven’t fitted two-factor authentication, which recognizes when someone signs in to an account from a new device. There are two-factor apps, but many sites have a built-in text messaging service where they’ll send you a code to enter to confirm it’s you.
  • Switch to a VPN. If you’ve never heard of it before, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is designed to give you the ultimate in protection and privacy when you’re online. People use a VPN for security and privacy because the app encrypts data and gives you anonymity by hiding your IP address.

Protect yourself during meetings

It would be great if your personal information was the only thing you had to worry about when venturing into online dating. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. Keep your friends close during the first few meetings and follow these rules to ensure your personal safety as well.

  • Do not give out your addresses. Avoid sharing too many details about the part of town you live in, your zip code, and even your email address. Dating sites are specially designed to protect you by keeping this information safe. Don’t compromise the system by sharing too much. It’s amazing how much one can find out about you by putting together partial pieces of information.
  • Look for red flags. Dating site scams are a real thing. Stay away from people who don’t know where they live or what they are doing, especially if they say they are abroad. Say no and immediately cut ties with people asking for money for air travel, car repairs, or claiming to be in an emergency and need you wire them money. These are classic scam approaches.
  • Do your research. There is no shame in kissing your inner stalker for this one. If you can find them on social media, do it. If they have not taken the precautions listed above regarding protecting their identity, implementing privacy and search engine options, you will know more about the person you are communicating with and you can share. ways to protect yourself. in the future too.
  • Talk on the phone before you meet. Of course, you can’t wait to meet someone in person when you think you’ve found someone you could click with. A few chat messages and great photos don’t always give you an accurate picture of who you’re working with. Take the time to chat once or twice over the phone – even better if you can video chat – to make sure everything is okay and you want to take the next step. Consider using a Google phone number on your personal phone number.
  • Video chat with care. Yes, video chat can be a great way to confirm that the person you’re talking to is who they say they are, but be aware that webcam blackmail can and does happen. Avoid undressing or performing sexual acts in front of a camera or on video calls to avoid falling victim to this kind of scam.
  • Trust your instincts. Even when you’ve done everything right, you may find yourself in a position where you don’t feel completely comfortable. Whatever the reason, even if you can’t figure out exactly what it is, don’t ignore it. If something doesn’t ring true, don’t investigate why. It might be nothing, but it’s probably not worth the potential risk of waiting and seeing.

Online Dating Success

There is no doubt about it. There are a lot of things to consider when venturing into online dating, especially when you are part of the LGBTQ + community. Don’t settle for mediocre relationships or no relationships at all because you are afraid of getting into online dating. Make smart and safe choices when using the internet and following smart dating practices and you could be writing about the beauty of your dreams in no time.

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Global Online Graphing Calculator Market 2021 Grows Rapidly Around The Globe In Near Future | Analysis of the best companies https://www.tenil.net/global-online-graphing-calculator-market-2021-grows-rapidly-around-the-globe-in-near-future-analysis-of-the-best-companies/ https://www.tenil.net/global-online-graphing-calculator-market-2021-grows-rapidly-around-the-globe-in-near-future-analysis-of-the-best-companies/#respond Mon, 29 Mar 2021 00:44:15 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/global-online-graphing-calculator-market-2021-grows-rapidly-around-the-globe-in-near-future-analysis-of-the-best-companies/

The report entitled “Online Graphing Calculator Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2021-2027“The use of various methodologies is aimed at examining and highlighting in-depth and precise data concerning the world Online graphing calculators Marlet. The report is divided into different well-defined sections to provide the reader with a simple and understandable information document. In addition, each section is elaborated with all the data necessary to gain knowledge about the market before entering it or strengthening their current presence. The report is divided into:

  • Market Snapshot
  • Key players and competitive landscape
  • Growth drivers and constraints
  • Segmentation
  • Regional analysis

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The Online Graphing Calculators report, through its overview section, provides the overall scenario and dynamics of the global Online Graphing Calculators market with its definition and other details. Furthermore, the Key Players and Competitive Landscape segment of the report involves various players who actively participate and compete in the global market. The report also concerns new entrants in the market. Major market players include. The report encompasses major manufacturers along with their respective share in the global market in terms of revenue. Additionally, he mentions their tactical milestones over the past few years, leadership changes and investments in product innovation to help make informed decisions and also to stay ahead of the competition.

Main competitive players:

GraphCalc, Desmos, GeoGebra, Symbolab, Mathway, Meta Calculator

On the basis of product type, the report describes the share of major product types in the regional market. Products mentioned as follows: On PC, on mobile.

The report defines the major application share of the global market. Application mentioned as follows: Office use, school use, other.

Moving on to the growth drivers and restraints section, all the factors that are directly or indirectly contributing to the growth of the global online graphing calculator market will be presented. To become familiar with market growth statistics, it is essential to assess the various market drivers. In addition, the report also puts forth existing trends as well as new and possible growth opportunities in the global market. Moreover, the report includes the factors which can possibly hamper the growth of the market. Understanding these factors is just as crucial as they help to understand the weaknesses of the market.

Promising Regions & Countries Mentioned In The Online Graphing Calculator Market Report:

  • North America (United States)
  • Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India)
  • Latin America (Brazil)
  • The Middle East and Africa

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The global online graphing calculator market segmentation segregates the market on the basis of different aspects such as further each segment is worked out by providing all essential details along with growth analysis for the forecast period. The report also divides the market by region into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. The regional analysis covers the assessment of volume and income for each region as well as their respective countries. In addition, the report also comprises various aspects of the market such as import and export, supply chain value, market share, sales, volume, etc.

Primary and secondary approaches are used by analysts and researchers to compile this data. So, this Online Graphing Calculator Market Report: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2021-2027 aims to point readers to better, more insightful, and clearer facts and data. Global Online Graphing Calculator Market.

Key details and USP of the existing report study:

  • Global Market Size of Online Graphing Calculators Market in terms of Volume (K Units) and Value (USD Million) for the historical period (2016 – 2019) and projected years (2020 – 2026)
  • Regionally (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa) Market Size of Online Calculator Market in terms of Volume (K units) and Value (USD Million) for the period historical (2016 – 2019) and projected years (2020 – 2026)
  • Market size nationally (US, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Mexico, GCC, South Africa , RoW) of the Online Graphing Calculator Market by Volume (K Units) and Value (USD Million) for the historical period (2016 – 2019) and projected years (2020 – 2026)
  • Market size type divided into its individual product type (concentration, temperature, combustion, conductivity and others) in terms of volume (K units) and value (USD Million) for historical period (2016 – 2019) and years projected (2020 – 2026))
  • Demand side and supply side perspective and analysis
  • Market share of companies / actors / manufacturers / suppliers / service providers
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape, the competition matrix and the positioning of the players
  • Market dynamics, trends, factors affecting the growth of the market in the coming year
  • Analysis of key buyers and end users
  • Value chain and supply chain analysis, including distribution and sales channels, as well as upstream and downstream integration scenarios
  • Analysis of the manufacturing cost structure
  • Analysis of key raw materials
  • Key pricing strategies adopted in the market
  • Key marketing strategies adopted in the market
  • Porters Five Forces Analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • PESTLE analysis

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  • What the reports provide
  • Complete and in-depth analysis of the parent market
  • Significant changes in market dynamics
  • Market segmentation details
  • Old, ongoing and projected market analysis in terms of volume and value
  • Assessment of niche industry developments
  • Market share analysis
  • Key strategies of the main players
  • Emerging segments and regional markets
  • Testimonials from companies to strengthen their presence in the market.

In addition, the research report examines:

  • Competitive companies and manufacturers in the global market
  • By product type, applications and growth factors
  • Industry Status and Outlook for Major Applications / End Users / Area of ​​Use

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Jewelry brand’s heiress claims she’s dating Bosco Wong https://www.tenil.net/jewelry-brands-heiress-claims-shes-dating-bosco-wong/ https://www.tenil.net/jewelry-brands-heiress-claims-shes-dating-bosco-wong/#respond Mon, 29 Mar 2021 00:44:15 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/jewelry-brands-heiress-claims-shes-dating-bosco-wong/

Hong Kong – The Internet is a good place to post our thoughts and opinions, but sometimes a careless statement will have a negative impact. The daughter of a famous jewelry brand admitted that she saw Huang Zong Ze or Bosco Wong. The internet was in turmoil after the news broke. On March 21, Weng Xiaojun, heir to jewelry brand Liuguifu Jewelery, posted a post on her lesser-known social media account. She posted a photo of herself with pictures of veteran Hong Kong actress Sun Jia Jun or Paulyn Sun.

Zong Ze said I looked like (Sun Jia Jun),” she wrote. “He’s the only person I love.The 27-year-old heiress has over 230,000 followers on her social media accounts and has friends like artists Lin Yun and Meng Jia. Weng Xiaojun also shot commercials and was married to actor Liu Yuchao. After having a daughter with him, they divorced soon after, according to a report from Hype.mon.

As she comes from a wealthy family, she is said to have real estate in Fujian and Shenzhen with several companies in her name. Many say that she is a real “bai fu mei (white, rich and beautiful)”. Netizens were curious as to whether “Zong Ze” meant Bosco Wong, 40, with a daring netizen asking them if they were in a relationship and Weng Xiaojun replied yes. His response sparked heated discussions online. Later the heiress said they were just pals but the damage was done.

Weng Xiaojun posted online that she was dating Bosco Wong. Image: Instagram

Netizens were concerned that there is a 13-year gap between the two. Some were also suspicious as the Hong Kong star had never mentioned her before. There were a number of people asking if the news was true. Many internet users were inclined to believe her because Bosco Wong’s love life is notorious. Her relationship with Rose Chan came to an abrupt end last year. The couple had known each other since the 2018 drama Guardian angel then they moved in together. The two never confirmed the relationship until Chan cut off all communication with him.

After the incident escalated, Weng Xiaojun deleted his post. A new post on another account shared his distress over the matter being taken so seriously. “It looks like you should be careful what you say in the future,” she wrote.

As his response was not taken seriously by netizens, Wong himself made a statement about it. He responded to the media and denied the relationship between the two. Wong said it was a joke and they only shared a mutual friend. “She has already apologized to me, saying she did not expect such a misunderstanding.” / TISGFollow us on social networks

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Getting tired of online dating ads https://www.tenil.net/getting-tired-of-online-dating-ads/ https://www.tenil.net/getting-tired-of-online-dating-ads/#respond Mon, 29 Mar 2021 00:44:15 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/getting-tired-of-online-dating-ads/

Success stories in advertisements for online dating services can make it seem like real love is just a click away. However, consumers should be aware of the limits, costs and conditions of the services as well as the potential for fraud if your partner turns out to be a thief.

While some consumers have found their happiness using a dating service, others have been disappointed with the quality or number of matches, while still others have been scammed by potential suitors. Meeting people online may seem easy and safe, but consumers need to be careful to avoid getting scammed, hurt, or worse.

BBB received nearly 1,500 dating service complaints last year. Many relate to billing and collection issues. Poor customer service, problems with refunds, advertising or sales practices also lead to complaints. Often, customers complain that it is difficult to cancel the service because it is automatically renewed.

Even if you don’t sign up for a dating service, dating scams via social media and email are quite common. Law enforcement and other agencies receive thousands of complaints each year from people who have lost money through online dating, social media, or email connections. Criminals posing as potential romantic “partners” may coach victims for a while, then suddenly pretend they have big medical bills or other urgent money needs. Some criminals are abroad, making it difficult for authorities to prosecute them or for victims to get their money back.

A woman from Highland, Illinois, said she lost $ 7,000 to a romance scam in September 2020. She told BBB Scam Tracker that after chatting with a man online for four months, he had requested $ 7,000 in iTunes gift cards. When she said she couldn’t afford it, he made two deposits of $ 3,500 into her bank account and she used the funds to buy the gift cards for him. She said that shortly after the second purchase, her bank informed her that the deposits were not valid.

BBB published an in-depth investigative study into these romance scams in 2018, as well as a follow-up study in 2019 on the possibility that victims of romance scams are being used as money mules. These are available at bbb.org/scamstudies.

Consumers should make sure that they understand what they are signing up for when using an online dating service. Read all contracts, terms or conditions carefully to understand how you will be billed and what you need to do to cancel. Some consumers have complained about signing up for a free trial, but their credit cards were charged before they could cancel.

BBB offers the following tips on matchmaking and online dating services:

• Don’t fall in love with advertising. Be skeptical of statements such as “an exclusive network of people”, “only for sincere lovers” or “beautiful singles like you”.

• Don’t give in to pressurized sales tactics. Sellers may tell you that a low price is only good for that day and ask you to sign a contract immediately. You should read the contract carefully and make sure you understand it.

Know how to break. Consumers should not assume that they will stop being billed after the contract expires. Many online dating sites automatically renew memberships. Usually, you need to call the company or send written instructions to avoid being billed again. Read the cancellation policies before registering.

• Beware of requests by a match to send money. Some scams that associate men with foreign women typically include a request to send money to pay for travel to the United States, using a wire transfer service like MoneyGram or Western Union. The woman never makes the trip and the money cannot be recovered.

• Do your homework. Ask to talk to other service members or customers about their experiences. Verify a BBB company profile for the service by going online at bbb.org or by calling 573-886-8965.

Michelle Gleba is the Mid-Missouri Regional Director for Better Business Bureau.

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Digital fraud focuses on young consumers | Payments Source https://www.tenil.net/digital-fraud-focuses-on-young-consumers-payments-source/ https://www.tenil.net/digital-fraud-focuses-on-young-consumers-payments-source/#respond Mon, 29 Mar 2021 00:44:15 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/digital-fraud-focuses-on-young-consumers-payments-source/

The abrupt shutdown of retail a year ago has led to an increase in digital shopping – and fraud. And the most tech-savvy consumers may be the most vulnerable.

In the past 12 months, digital channel fraud attempts against businesses around the world have increased 46%, according to a new study from TransUnion. On the consumer side, 36% of users said they had been targeted by COVID-19-related digital fraud in the past three months, compared to 29% who said it about a year ago, before the virus hit. is spreading around the world. TransUnion based its conclusions on a study of billions of global transactions passing through its fraud analysis filtering tools.

Young consumers – generally considered digital natives – were more likely than retirees to be vulnerable to scams during the pandemic, according to new research from TransUnion.

Among US Gen Z consumers born between 1995 and 2002, 53% have experienced digital fraud attempts, while 40% of US millennials born between 1980 and 1994 have been affected by digital fraud, TransUnion said.

“Usually the younger generations tend to be more tech savvy and less likely to fall for scams, but when you have a situation like the pandemic where millions of people are unemployed and waiting for checks or stimulus fund, that mindset and need interferes with their judgment, ”said Melissa Gaddis, senior director of client success in TransUnion’s global fraud solutions unit.

Fraud has only decreased in one area: community forums where scammers have to go to great lengths to convince victims to leave the forum and share their payment information. This fact underscores the relative ease of perpetrating simpler types of fraud in the chaos of the pandemic, Gaddis said.

When consumers were quarantined and stores and businesses quickly rushed to online and street-side sales, loopholes opened up that scammers immediately began to exploit, she said. .

“Many companies have turned to e-commerce so quickly that they have left the door open for fraud and fraudsters have taken full advantage of these opportunities,” said Gaddis.

The telecommunications industry has seen a 58% increase in attempted credit card fraud over the past year (such as using a stolen card to purchase an unlocked phone), while attempts at theft identity at financial institutions soared 57%, according to data from TransUnion.

Retailers were hit by a 39% increase in attempted fraud around promotions and the travel industry was hit by a 30% increase in attempted credit card fraud, according to the study.

Community forums, including online dating and networking sites, saw an 11% drop in attempted fraud using false profile statements over the same period.

“With a false profile statement, the scammer has to work harder to persuade a victim to leave the forum to chat one-on-one and send money, and the profit margin for this type of fraud does not. not worth it with other easier means available to criminals. during the pandemic, ”Gaddis said.

The TransUnion study found a 21% increase in phishing attacks globally, with an increase linked to scams associated with COVID-19, according to TransUnion data.

The top three regions of the world where fraud has sprung up in the past year are Seychelles, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, TransUnion said.

Tempe, Arizona, Hamtramck, Michigan, and Colonial Park, Pennsylvania, were the top U.S. cities chosen by scammers as addresses for fake identities and accounts, the data suggests.

“These towns have unassuming names and scammers hope they sound more legitimate,” Gaddis said.

Even as pandemic restrictions are loosening, the year has given crooks a much bigger playing field than before.

“The pandemic has moved many more consumer and business transactions to digital channels, dramatically increasing the attack surface,” said Julie Conroy, senior analyst at Aite Group.

Around 40% of consumers have tried a new digital channel or digital service during the pandemic – like P2P, subscriptions, or home delivery of goods – and many plan to stick with these new digital behaviors, a- she declared.

“A lot of these digital newbies will be more susceptible to social engineering and scam-based attacks, and I don’t see the problem getting any better until we fundamentally adjust our approach to identity verification. and authentication in digital channels, ”said Conroy.

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Dating apps are thriving in the midst of a pandemic; Top Five Apps Reach $ 100 Million Monthly Revenue, The Whole Market To Reach $ 3.2 Billion In 2021 | AFN News https://www.tenil.net/dating-apps-are-thriving-in-the-midst-of-a-pandemic-top-five-apps-reach-100-million-monthly-revenue-the-whole-market-to-reach-3-2-billion-in-2021-afn-news/ https://www.tenil.net/dating-apps-are-thriving-in-the-midst-of-a-pandemic-top-five-apps-reach-100-million-monthly-revenue-the-whole-market-to-reach-3-2-billion-in-2021-afn-news/#respond Mon, 29 Mar 2021 00:44:15 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/dating-apps-are-thriving-in-the-midst-of-a-pandemic-top-five-apps-reach-100-million-monthly-revenue-the-whole-market-to-reach-3-2-billion-in-2021-afn-news/

Dating apps are thriving in the midst of a pandemic; Top Five Apps Reach $ 100 Million Monthly Revenue, Whole Market To Reach $ 3.2 Billion In 2021

Posted on March 23, 2021

Global use of dating apps continues to grow during the pandemic, despite the belief that people avoid meeting strangers during times of isolation and lockdown.

According to data presented by Finaria.it, the combined revenues of the top five dating apps in the world reached $ 100 million in January. As the highest grossing dating app, Tinder generated $ 64.6 million in revenue this month.

Tinder reached 90 million downloads and $ 1.4 billion in revenue amid pandemic

Even before the pandemic, the world’s most popular online dating app, Tinder, experienced impressive growth, both in terms of revenue and number of users. In-app purchase revenue has climbed 250% in three years, from $ 403 million in 2017 to $ 1.4 billion in 2020. Match Group’s 2020 earnings report found that North America and Latin America accounted for the largest share of income.

In January, Tinder users in North America and Latin America spent $ 31.2 million on in-app purchases. Europe, Middle East and Africa rank second among regions with $ 24.3 million in revenue this month. Users in Asia-Pacific countries followed with $ 9.1 million in in-app purchases.

Statistics also show that Tinder was downloaded over 90 million times last year. The surge in user numbers continued in 2021, with nearly 6.5 million downloads in January alone.

Bumble was the second highest grossing dating app, with $ 18.6 million in revenue and 1.8 million downloads in January. Data from AppMagic revealed that Bumble users spent $ 210 million on in-app purchases in 2020, six times less than Tinder users. Additionally, the app was downloaded 20.3 million times in the past year.

Hinge, Badoo and Match followed with $ 8.4 million, $ 5.1 million and $ 4.3 million in revenue in January.

Global online dating revenue to grow 19% year-on-year to $ 3.2 billion

Statista’s survey found that the entire online dating industry had experienced impressive growth amid the pandemic, with revenues rising from $ 2.4 billion in 2019 to $ 2.7 billion Last year. The upward trend is expected to continue in 2021, with revenue rising 19% year-on-year to $ 3.2 billion.

The United States, as the largest online dating market, is expected to generate $ 674 million, or 21% of global revenue. China and India follow with $ 454 million and $ 444 million, respectively.

Statista data shows that around 72 million people have started using online dating services amid the pandemic, with the total number of users increasing from 297.8 million in 2019 to 370.1 million in 2021 Non-paying users make up the majority of the dating app user base – 277 million. in 2021. The number of paying users is expected to reach 93 million in 2021, compared to 64.6 million in 2019.

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https://www.tenil.net/dating-apps-are-thriving-in-the-midst-of-a-pandemic-top-five-apps-reach-100-million-monthly-revenue-the-whole-market-to-reach-3-2-billion-in-2021-afn-news/feed/ 0
Four victims come forward after the arrest of a man from Kihei | News, Sports, Jobs https://www.tenil.net/four-victims-come-forward-after-the-arrest-of-a-man-from-kihei-news-sports-jobs/ https://www.tenil.net/four-victims-come-forward-after-the-arrest-of-a-man-from-kihei-news-sports-jobs/#respond Mon, 29 Mar 2021 00:44:15 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/four-victims-come-forward-after-the-arrest-of-a-man-from-kihei-news-sports-jobs/ Abiola Oluwatimilehin was one of seven men accused of electronic first-degree seduction of a child after arrests from March 12 to 14 as part of “Operation Keiki Shield 7”. MPD photo

Four victims said they were sexually assaulted by a 23-year-old man from Kihei, following his arrest two weeks ago for allegedly soliciting online sex with someone posing as a 13-year-old girl, police said.

Abiola Oluwatimilehin, also known as David Abiola, was among seven men charged with first-degree electronic seduction of a child after arrests March 12-14 in connection with “Operation Keiki Shield 7”.

Police worked with state and federal law enforcement officials to complete the operation targeting online sexual predators.

Following reports of the arrests, “Four victims came forward to report that Oluwatimilehin sexually assaulted them in the past”, Police said in a statement on Thursday.

Three victims said they were sexually assaulted by Oluwatimilehin in 2015, 2016 and 2018, police said. A fourth victim reported that Oluwatimilehin attempted to sexually assault her last year.

Police encouraged anyone who has been sexually assaulted to call the police at 244-6400.

In a hearing Wednesday, Circuit 2 judge Rhonda Loo maintained the bond at $ 150,000 for Oluwatimilehin, who pleaded not guilty to electronic first-degree seduction of a child.

At the time of his arrest, Oluwatimilehin posted $ 21,000 bail to be released for second-degree sexual assault and third-degree sexual assault in another case, Deputy Prosecutor JW Hupp said.

Oluwatimilehin’s bond has been postponed in this case, said deputy public defender Danielle Sears, who asked that his bond be reduced to $ 100,000.

He pleaded not guilty to charges of sexually assaulting a woman while she was sleeping at his residence in February 2018. The woman was the roommate of a person Oluwatimilehin had met on an online dating app, according to the reports. court records.

Oluwatimilehin appeared by video conference from the Maui Community Correctional Center for the hearing on Wednesday.

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Why I never use dating apps again https://www.tenil.net/why-i-never-use-dating-apps-again/ https://www.tenil.net/why-i-never-use-dating-apps-again/#respond Mon, 29 Mar 2021 00:44:15 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/why-i-never-use-dating-apps-again/

Even though dating apps are the most popular among Millennials, according to a recent SeatGeek poll of 1,000 singles, 95% would prefer meet people IRL versus online or on an app. That’s why for the second year in a row, Bustle considers April, “April without application“and encouraging our staff and readers to take their dating apps off for 30 days and meet people the old-fashioned way: offline. With participants following their progress and tips and advice from dating experts, we will help you feel empowered to meet IRL people all month.

When I made the decision to try The April challenge without Bustle app, I did so with apprehension. I have used dating apps as my only way to meet potential romantic partners for the past few years. In response to people asking me why I need to use dating apps, I lamented how difficult it is to meet people in real life. Dating apps, I thought, were much more convenient and straightforward. On a swipe-based dating app, I felt like users were making instant decisions based purely on appearance – and anyone who matched me or texted me, I could be sure they were. interested in me. Real interactions just didn’t provide that certainty. They were encumbered with vulnerability and the terrifying risk of rejection. Plus, I figured dating apps were full of thousands of possibilities, so I was bound to meet my perfect match one day.

“Dating apps can increase the number of people we’re exposed to, but it’s not necessarily in our best interest,” Dr. Emily Morse, sex and relationship expert and host of Sex with Emilie, says Bustle. “With such a surplus of matches, there is no incentive to stop looking for the ‘best thing to do.’ We are never satisfied, so we keep sweeping, which prevents us from letting anything stand In the real world, there aren’t as many opportunities to chat with someone, so we put more effort into those interactions and we feel more grateful for them. strong on getting things done, we feel better about them overall. ”

Taking a step back and taking a step back, I realize how dating apps have given me a biased perception of dating and people.

Dating apps have become a toxic part of my life that have crept into my daily routine. Between classes, I would open my phone and swipe right and left over my potential matches. The process has become monotonous, almost mechanical. My notifications were constantly inundated with messages from people defined only by name, age, photos, and a 140 character description. Without fail, my interactions were brief and devoid of any substance. They all felt transactional and I knew that each of my matches spoke to several other people. We were all playing the same shallow game – swiping to the right to see what else was there. My Friday date on Tinder would be followed by a Saturday date on Tinder with a different person but the exact same structure – a mindless, awkward conversation followed by a connection. I was trapped in a never-ending cycle of instant gratification.

My dating apps detox gave me the time and mental space to think about my emotional needs and wants and how dating apps align with them. As I step back and step back, I realize how dating apps have given me a biased view of dating and people. I went to great lengths to put aside my insecurities and fears and to attend events and public places. I have started to engage in conversations with new people and am working to form new relationships.

I never want to lose my curiosity ever again and I never want to stop having these wonderful butterfly feelings.

My actions and intentions have been directed towards attracting positive energy and love this month. I now see that my real interactions are filled with butterflies and excitement. As I approach to introduce myself to a new man, I feel my mind overflowing with curiosity. I feel intrigued looking at his body language, seeing the sparkle in his eyes when he introduces himself. I love to watch his face light up when he talks about his passions and interests. Dating apps never gave me those feelings. My matches were just names behind a screen, completely depersonalized.

April without an app pushed me out of my comfort zone and thus promoted my personal growth. I was busy daily with meaningless interactions with people through my phone screen. But now my day is filled with beautiful possibilities of amazing and intellectually stimulating interactions in which I can engage with new people. I have detoxed myself from dating apps and will never go back. I seek to engage in meaningful conversations with depth and emotion. I never want to lose my curiosity ever again and I never want to stop having these wonderful butterfly feelings.

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Woman’s ‘Worst Nightmare’ As Stranger From Dating App She Removed Shows Up At Work https://www.tenil.net/womans-worst-nightmare-as-stranger-from-dating-app-she-removed-shows-up-at-work/ https://www.tenil.net/womans-worst-nightmare-as-stranger-from-dating-app-she-removed-shows-up-at-work/#respond Mon, 29 Mar 2021 00:44:14 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/womans-worst-nightmare-as-stranger-from-dating-app-she-removed-shows-up-at-work/

It’s no secret that dating apps aren’t for everyone, some people just aren’t a fan of meeting a potential love interest this way.

Others would prefer a cute organic dating, while others worry about the dangers of talking to strangers online.

A woman recently decided that dating applications were not for her and deleted the ones she had on her phone.

A few months later, a man from tinder showed up to the beauty salon where she worked, demanding to know why she had ghosted him – although she never told him where she worked.

The woman, named Tee Marie, described the situation as her “worst nightmare”.

Write for Mama Mia, she recounted the frightening incident, which she said had a lasting impact, leaving her scared to return home in case she was followed.

She said: “A few months ago, I was trying my luck on dating apps.

“I finally stopped replying to messages, stopped watching apps, and finally deleted them completely.

“Then today, while I was working, I saw a man walk in and out of the living room without calling ahead, a new rule we have put in place due to COVID-19.”

The man approached her and asked her if she was Tee. When she confirmed it was her, he confessed that he had been trying to reach her for ages.

She had spoken to the man on Tinder, before deleting the app (stock photo)

Tee didn’t recognize him at first, but their conversation slowly returned to him.

“I never told this man where I worked,” she said.

“I actually told him explicitly that I would NOT tell him, and that it would be my worst nightmare for anyone to show up to my job. I have no idea how he found me, because none of my social networks even had one of the same names – first name or last name. “

The man had shown up hoping for an hour of Tee’s time, wanting to know why she had stopped responding to his messages.

She lied and told him that she had met someone, to whom he replied that she should have been candid about it instead of the ghost.

She hadn’t told him where she worked (stock photo)

Eventually the guy left, but Tee was very shaken up.

“I had never met this man, but he felt comfortable enough and had enough right to see me – a woman he had never met – to show me up for my JOB. Ask for my time? Asking to know if I was lying about meeting someone?

“I left hot, sweaty and scared. How did he find me? Why did he show up for my job, out of the blue months later? What was that supposed to be? what if I went out with him?

“Have I been harassed? Yes … yes, I did. That man tracked down me.”

She shared the scary experience on social media and her post went viral, collecting 75,000 shares and 23,000 comments.

Following her post, she was contacted by a former homicide and sex crimes detective who now works in stalking and stalking.

He spoke with the other man and explained why showing up to Tee’s work was not acceptable.

Tee is also pursuing legal action because she believes “women deserve to feel safe and to be heard.”

Do you have a story to share? Email us at yourmirror@mirror.co.uk

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FIX and REPLACE Reel.Date takes the surprise of Internet dating! https://www.tenil.net/fix-and-replace-reel-date-takes-the-surprise-of-internet-dating/ https://www.tenil.net/fix-and-replace-reel-date-takes-the-surprise-of-internet-dating/#respond Mon, 29 Mar 2021 00:44:14 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/fix-and-replace-reel-date-takes-the-surprise-of-internet-dating/

SAN DIEGO – () – The last sentence of the release should read: For more information on Reel.Date, visit www.reel.date. In addition, the contact details and the source have been updated.

The corrected version reads as follows:


San Diego-Based Company Introduces Dating Site With Distinctive Profile Function That Helps Hopeful Daters Avoid Unwanted Surprises

Good news for the millions of people looking for love online! Reel.Date, a San Diego-based online dating portal, introduces a new element to online dating that eliminates unwanted surprises from the first meeting: video presentations. Videos, a required feature for Reel.Date online dating profiles, fill the gap that other dating sites fail to fill.

“Anyone who has used these dating services has been caught up in a ‘bait-and-swap’ movement by daters who misrepresent their appearance and general appeal. You find yourself sitting across from someone you would never have agreed to meet if they had been honest. It’s a total waste of time, ”said Nick Esayian, CEO of Reel.Date and a divorced father of two who has his own share of dating horror stories.

In the United States, 12% of adults have participated in Internet dating, with men having more accounts than women. Even the top-ranked site with 35 million unique visitors fails to close the gap on what Esayian says is common practice. “Videos don’t lie and you can’t fake size, overall appearance, and personality. We ask members to record answers to the fun questions they select so that when other members are browsing they have a much better idea of ​​who they are potentially going to meet. If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video is worth 1000 pictures.

In addition to the traditional elements of an online dating profile, Reel.Date requires an introductory video to accompany the photos. The algorithms provide profile matches like other sites but, according to Esayian, no video, no matches. “Our goal is to fill in the gaps that other sites are missing and deliver a better overall experience. Our users know EXACTLY who they are going to meet, are they confident, well spoken, funny and what they really look like.

In celebration of Reel.Date’s limited launch, users get a FREE profile for life. After the promotion, the subscription fee is $ 9.95 per month or $ 49.95 per year.

Reel.Date is the brainchild of San Diego serial entrepreneurs Nick Esayian, a direct response marketing executive and seasoned pilot on the Pirelli Global Challenge racing series and Alan Ezeir, CTO and CEO of www.domaincostclub.com.

For more information on Reel.Date, visit www.reel.date.

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