Ted Cruz’s comments on birth control are factually inaccurate

Amid Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings on October 13, Senator Ted Cruz ill-defined birth control in a deceptive and problematic way. Namely, he called birth control “anti-abortion drugs”. To catch up with you, Cruz brought up birth control while discussing the implicit threats to religious freedom. He specifically …

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Where to get legal help if you are inducing your own abortion

As Americans face the reality that the Supreme Court could now overturn the federally protected abortion right, advocates have launched a website and helpline to offer legal information and advice. referrals to lawyers for people who induce their own abortions. the Telephone support from the SIA legal team debuted on …

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3 buried facts about Georgia’s abortion bill

These are police reports, taxes and counts. ATLANTA – Monday a state senatorial commission approved the controversial heartbeat bill, which limits abortions in Georgia to around six weeks gestation. The essence of the bill is this: abortion is currently legal up to twenty weeks gestation. This bill would reduce that …

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