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Strong Medication Needed To Get Protocol Through Before Christmas – Slugger O’Toole

The pace of Protocol negotiations is accelerating. Yesterday and earlier today, the BBC gave rare importance to this incomprehensible nationally (if you are not NI / Irish) topic. After today’s meeting the straws in the wind were a little more favorable but without Lord Frost clearly changing his position. Technical …

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Gilead pays to retain rights to Arcus cancer drugs

Dive brief: Gilead will pay $ 725 million to retain the rights to four experimental cancer immunotherapies developed by Arcus Biosciences, Thursday announcement that it would confirm an option agreement the two companies signed in 2020. The most advanced projects involved are aimed at a cellular target called TIGIT which …

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What does the J&J split mean for the medical device industry?

Wall Street analysts say Johnson & Johnson’s recent decision to split the consumer health unit into its own company is likely to spur growth and increase operating margins for the remaining segments of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The health giant’s low-growth consumer health brands are a drag for pharmaceutical and …

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