Boehringer capacity exceeds initial forecast at new $ 809 million Austrian plant

Boehringer Ingelheim’s new $ 809 million (700 million) manufacturing plant, which officially opened this month in Vienna, has a production capacity of 185,000 liters, exceeding its initially planned capacity of 150,000 liters.

The installation, which added 30% more capacity to the large-scale mammalian capacity with 48 stainless steel bioreactors, has been underway since 2015. In addition to increasing the capacity, the project has also exceeded its estimate of initial cost of $ 578 million (500 million euros). The site represents the largest investment ever made by the company.

Presented as a state-of-the-art facility, the site is structured to allow faster manufacturing transfer from one product to another as well as the simultaneous production of various products.

“With our facilities configured as multiproduct factories and flexible line structures, we are able to provide a variety of molecule formats, such as monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, cytokines and other recombinant proteins for patients. whose medical needs are not being met, ”Uwe Buecheler, head of Boehringer’s biopharmaceutical business unit, said in a statement.

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The cell culture production building, which Boehringer started in 2017, covers 48,000 square meters and includes virtual reality, automation and artificial intelligence capabilities. The facility completed mechanical completion and GMP commissioning earlier this year, but Boehringer decided to postpone an official opening ceremony after a spike in COVID-19 cases in the spring.

Boehringer, who reported sales of around $ 22.9 billion in 2020, said in its first six months of 2021 it generated $ 11.63 billion, an increase of 5.8% compared to the same period a year ago after adjusting for foreign currencies.

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