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CHENNAI: As India scrambles to find key raw materials to make vaccines and medicines during the pandemic, a Chennai-based start-up is developing technology for the synthesis of one of the chemicals used in the Covid-19 vaccine preparation.

Dr Menaga Magendran, Managing Director of Bioneemtec India, told Express that the company has filed a patent for the “Process for the Synthesis of Chiral Molecules Derived from Quinoline and Rhein effective against Covid-19”.
“The recent outbreak of Covid-19 belonging to the SARS family has been analyzed for its activity and structure. From its 3D structure and the path of infection, scientists have found that antimalarial compounds like hydroxychloroquine and anti-HIV compounds like Remdesivir are active in controlling Covid-19. The present invention provides a method of synthesizing active chiral compounds derived from quinolone and rhein with controlling activity against Covid-19, ”said Dr. Menaga.

“That aside, we have identified a chemical used as a virus deactivator in the preparation of vaccines, which appears to be imported from abroad. Our experts are working on the synthesis of this chemical using a continuous flow chemical reactor, ”she added.

India imports 80 percent of key raw materials from China. The Menaga company located in Siruseri is one of the few companies in the country working on ways to synthesize key raw materials using green chemistry methodology.

The company’s success lies in the use of the Continuous Flow Chemistry Reactor, where they develop key starting materials and identify new pathways for API synthesis using green chemistry in which they also support customers. international pharmaceuticals.

Having expertise in China, Menaga and her husband Magendran, who returned to India after working six to seven years in China, want India to be self-sufficient in terms of the start or essential raw materials for drugs. Pharmaceutical platforms generally have four different phases.

These include key raw materials, intermediates (chemical compounds that form the building blocks of the active pharmaceutical ingredient), active pharmaceutical ingredient (API); and finally formulations, the process in which different chemicals, including the active drug, are combined to produce a final drug.

J Jayaseelan, managing director of Saimirra Innopharm Limited and chairman of the Indian Association of Drug Manufacturers, said the key starting material is thriving in China with government support.

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