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Due to the recent pandemic, working from home and studying online has become a new normal for this world. In addition, self-employment, online services and home schooling culture are increasing day by day.

Laptops are a need of every household. You might even need more than one for your kids, parents, and spouse. Here the problem arises that laptops are very expensive. If you start demanding a fast processor and basic tech specs, prices hit $ 500.

Obviously, it’s not affordable for everyone. Additionally, people are concerned that children will mishandle machines and you will need a quick fix or a new laptop.

Be smart and buy laptops that have quality processors, HD displays, and all the specifications you need.

Are laptops under $ 200 durable?

People assume that only expensive technology products are reliable and work for a long time. It is not valid. The more expensive ones have a high price range because they are made by big brands and offer tons of technical features. The point is, most of us don’t need these extravagant high-tech features; we don’t use them in our whole life. Example: Do we really need to cope when we have a laptop and other messengers? If you don’t have to do programming tasks, do you really need multiple operating systems on one machine? So why pay for this?

Laptops Under $ 200 are as durable, fast and efficient as any other laptop in the high price range. You can read real-time customer reviews on websites, social media, and check Amazon Starts for your assurance.

Our top picks for laptops under $ 200

Identify your needs and pay for the features that are really useful to you. So here are some fantastic recommendations for laptops under $ 200 with all the features you need for study and work from home.

  1. Venturer 14 “Luna Max Laptop
  2. 2020 HP 14 flagship Chromebook laptop
  3. HP Stream 11.6-inch HD Laptop (11-ak0020nr, Diamond White)
  4. ASUS Chromebook C223 Laptop
  5. HP 11-inch Chromebook Laptop
  6. HP Stream 11 Pro G2 Laptop

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