Atavistik Bio Announces $ 60 Million Series A Funding to Advance Genetically Validated Targets in Metabolic Diseases and Cancer

CAMBRIDGE, Mass .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Atavistik Bio (“Atavistik”, “Company”), a preclinical biotechnology company pioneering in the identification of metabolite-protein interactions that have the potential to lead to the discovery and development of first-class drug candidates powered by separate allosteric control mechanisms, announced today that the Company has completed a $ 60 million Series A financing round. The financing was led by The Column Group and joined by Lux Capital and Nextech Invest, Ltd.

The new funding will support the development of Atavastik’s drug discovery platform and the future identification of selected drug candidates based on in-depth knowledge of disease-relevant pathways that have evolved over millions of years. years by nature to be allosterically regulated by metabolites.

The company will be led by John A. Josey, PhD, Interim CEO of Atavistik Bio, who was previously CEO of Peloton Therapeutics, which was acquired by Merck in 2019. Dr Josey is an experienced CEO with a long experience in the field of field of new drugs. Discovery. Marion Dorsch, PhD, has been appointed President and CSO. Dr Dorsch is a highly accomplished scientist and senior executive with over twenty years of biotechnology and pharmacy experience in the fields of oncology, inflammation and rare genetic diseases. She is known for her innovative drug discovery that has contributed to several accelerated drug approvals in oncology. Prior to this role, Dr Dorsch was CSO at Blueprint Medicines.

“Our unique approach combines a validated platform with structure-assisted drug design capabilities and cutting-edge knowledge about the regulation of metabolic systems, which will be applied to genetically validated targets in metabolic diseases and cancer.” said John A. Josey, PhD, CEO of Atavistik Bio and Venture Partner at The Column Group. “We are delighted to gain the support of such a valued group of venture capitalists in our quest to find first-class drug compounds in metabolic disease and cancer. ”

Atavistik was co-founded by eminent scientific researchers and members of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Atavistik’s platform is based on technology developed by co-founder Jared Rutter, PhD, professor of biochemistry at the University of Utah. Professor Rutter is well known for his work on novel interactions of protein metabolites which have led to the identification of novel allosteric regulatory sites for proteins of interest in disease. Additionally, the co-founder, Dr. Ralph DeBerardinis, MD, PhD, is a professor at the Southwestern Medical Center at the University of Texas. He is a leading medical geneticist with a deep understanding of human metabolism with a focus on pediatrics. Dr. DeBerardinis continues to care for patients and has a unique understanding of the significant unmet needs in this critical area of ​​human health. The co-founders will remain closely associated with the scientific direction of Atavistik as advisers.

“Atavistik has a differentiated platform that has enormous potential to identify new regulatory sites to address the underlying cause of many diseases,” said Marion Dorsch, PhD, President and Scientific Director of Atavistik Bio. “Our technology was founded by a leading metabolism expert and validated by the discovery of many known and new metabolite-protein interactions. We look forward to taking advantage of this technology and using our drug discovery platform to identify first-class drug candidates. ”

“Atavistik has positioned itself at the forefront of the discovery of allosteric regulated metabolic drugs, an exciting new area of ​​drug discovery and medicine that has immense potential,” said Tim Kutzkey, Managing Partner of The Column Group and member of the board of directors of Atavistik Bio. “The company is built around Marion’s drug discovery expertise and her successful track record of bringing experimental drugs to market quickly. She will be joined by a team of metabolism experts and a strong investment union that will support Atavistik’s scientific orientation.

Atavistik has opened a new Cambridge office at 38 Sidney St. For more information, please visit

About Atavistik Bio

Atavistik Bio (Atavistik) is a preclinical biotechnology company pioneering the identification of allosteric small molecule-protein interactions that have the potential to lead to the discovery and future clinical development of first-class drug compounds in oncology and disease. metabolic. Atavistik was founded by eminent scientists who are considered among the foremost authorities in cell biology, cancer cell biology and cell metabolism. Led by an experienced management team and advisors, as well as a strong investment syndicate, Atavistik is uniquely positioned to deliver transformational science to ultimately improve patient care. Learn more on

About the column group

The Column Group (TCG) is a leading San Francisco-based venture capital firm looking to partner with outstanding founders, entrepreneurs, leaders and scientific investment organizations with a common vision to build the next generation of drug discovery and development companies. TCG invests in disease-focused drug discovery companies with the potential to become leaders in their respective fields. These companies are strongly supported by the unique and complementary skills of the TCG team, which includes leading authorities in the scientific, operational and financial fields. For more information, please visit

About Lux Capital

Lux Capital invests in emerging science and technology companies as far as possible. They team up with iconoclastic inventors who challenge the status quo and the laws of nature to bring their futuristic ideas to life. Over the past two decades, Lux has expanded from its New York roots to Silicon Valley and built a $ 4 billion asset management company of over 30 full-time professionals with the versatility necessary to invest at any time.

About Nextech Invest, Ltd.

Global oncology venture capital firm Nextech Invest Ltd., established in 1998 in Zurich, Switzerland, focuses on investing in cancer-fighting companies. Supported by a Scientific Advisory Board of seven oncologists chaired by Professor David Livingston, Deputy Director of the Dana-Farber / Harvard Cancer Center, Nextech Invest invests in emerging companies with pioneering innovations in cancer research whose compounds are entering clinical tests. The other members of the Scientific Advisory Board are: Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Altmann, Prof. Dr. Glenn Dranoff, Prof. Dr. William Kaelin, Prof. Dr. Sir Bruce Ponder, Dr. Charles Sawyers and Prof. Dr. Paul Ouvrier. Nextech Invest is a long-standing member of major private equity networks, such as EVCA, SECA and EVPA. Nextech Invest works in close collaboration with the International Union for the Fight against Cancer (UICC).

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