Arthritis Symptoms Online Research Grows Among UK Residents

Online searches for arthritis and osteoarthritis symptoms are increasing with UK residents.

As National Arthritis Week approaches, Good Energies’ B-Cure Laser released the results of a study on health issues that experience notable spikes in Google search traffic in 2021.

The highest searches in the category were for ‘symptoms of arthritis’ with a total of 14,800 across the UK. Followed by “symptoms of osteoarthritis” at 6,600 searches, “signs of arthritis” at 2,400 searches and “help with arthritis” at 590 searches, as the decline in physical activity throughout the pandemic of COVID-19 is starting to show possible implications.

As restrictions eased throughout the summer and people started returning to their GPs and assistance became accessible again, there was a 41% decrease in the number of people seeking care. search for “arthritis help” dropping from 1,000 searches to 560 year-over-year.

Good Energies launched its laser pain relief device for home treatment earlier this year in the UK and looked at over 70 key terms covering both mental health and physical pain issues. . Over 760,000 searches have been conducted in the past 12 months regarding arthritis, fibromyalgia and menopause, as well as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and autism.

Itay Avni, UK Director of B-Cure Laser, said: “As National Arthritis Week approaches in October, we wanted to understand the health issues in the country. By exploring people’s concerns, both from a mental and physical health perspective, we were able to see clear areas that are troubling UK residents, including a marked increase in arthritis-related issues. “

After 18 difficult months for our society and concerns about COVID-19 causing heightened anxiety about visiting general practitioner offices, it’s no surprise that people are turning to the internet to self-diagnose . While the internet provides many useful guidelines on topics related to health and staying fit longer, we advise anyone concerned with their well-being to seek professional help.

Itay Avni, UK Director, B-Cure Laser

The highest UK searches per capita were for ‘symptoms of anxiety’ (165.04 per 100,000 people), ‘symptoms of menopause’ (135.78) and ‘symptoms of depression’ (111 , 03). Also on the list was fibromyalgia, a disorder associated with generalized musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood problems. There have been 40,500 searches in total for “symptoms of fibromyalgia”.

Earlier this year, the B-Cure Laser team also revealed the results of a pain survey of UK adults, which found that the UK population was spending £ 1.14 billion every month (1 £ 140,633,600) in pain treatment.

While 75% of respondents agreed that they were satisfied with their current pain treatments, 25% said that they were not satisfied or that they were not using any treatments. A total of 54% of those surveyed reported managing their ailments with pain relievers (34% with over-the-counter pain relievers and 20% with prescription pain relievers), while 10% and 7% said they had turned respectively to alcohol and recreational drugs to alleviate their suffering.

The survey showed that more than a quarter of the UK (26%) experienced pain at least once a month, with one in five reporting having trouble sleeping because of their pain.

Lower back pain, which accounts for 40% of pain in the UK, was most prevalent in Swansea, where 64% of residents reported difficulty, with the city that reported the most severe pain being Worcester, where 27% of people were really struggling. this pain really builds up when you hear that an average of £ 98.59 is spent each month on pain relief by residents of Worcester.

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