Abu Dhabi Public Psychiatric Clinics Offer New Nasal Spray to Treat Depression in Adults

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha) offers Esketamine nasal spray for the treatment and management of severe depression in adults.
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Abu Dhabi: Depression patients in Abu Dhabi can now benefit from a new treatment that helps manage severe forms of mental illness.

Public health provider Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha) has announced that it now offers Esketamine nasal spray for the treatment and management of severe depression in adults. The spray is recommended for patients who have tried other modalities of antidepressant treatment without benefit.

New treatment

Esketamine targets new receptors in the brain than those traditionally treated with antidepressants. It has shown a good safety profile and tolerability in patients, and the Seha facilities with psychiatric clinics have therefore introduced the new therapy for patients with treatment-resistant depression.

“At Seha, our goal has always been to provide our patients with the highest standards of treatment. Our team of highly experienced psychiatrists and psychologists strive to provide a holistic and integrated treatment modality, tailored to each patient. Mental health and its treatment differs from patient to patient, which is why we are happy to add another method of treatment to our services, giving us more bandwidth to explore treatment solutions as suitable as possible for every patient, ”said Dr Nahida Niaz Ahmed. , consultant psychiatrist and president of the Seha Behavioral Health Council /

Patient experiences

A number of patients have recently shared their experiences after receiving the treatment, highlighting how esketamine has made their recovery easier.

A 30-year-old man, who has suffered from major depressive disorder for six years, was prescribed esketamine after trying several types of drugs, antidepressants and even shock therapy (ECT), which did not all failed to relieve him of his depression. A month after his doctor started taking the nasal spray, he began to notice a positive impact on his outlook and lifestyle. Now he exercises daily, is comfortable interacting socially, and has become much more motivated to find a job and support his family.

Suicidal tendencies

Another 20-year-old woman who was diagnosed with severe depression with suicidal tendencies had previously had no relief with other medications. The nasal spray helped improve her condition and significantly reduce her thoughts of suicide.

Another young man returned to school after receiving treatment. Previously, he had isolated himself in his room and had stopped studying for more than three years, which in turn had damaged his physical and mental health. The patient said he has gradually been able to deal with negative thoughts and is now replacing them with goals and ambitions for a better future.

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