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The four of us have been around politics for a long time. We’ve been part of some of the Democratic Party’s greatest victories; we saw big losses. In the 2022 election, things are as close as we’ve ever seen them. But we are on the verge of overcoming historical trends and other factors that weigh on us and achieving a decisive victory.

What we need to do, however, is conclude with a strong economic argument. Democrats need to understand that we have a winning message on the economy and inflation. But rising costs will beat us if we avoid the problem.

Make no mistake: we are all firm believers in the power and central importance of abortion. The Dobbs The decision changed the trajectory of this election, and it is the most potent problem we have for training grassroots Democratic voters. No Democratic candidate should stop talking about abortion. But at the end of the day, we need to make sure our closing message also talks about the cost of living, inflation, and the economy.

Even before the passage of the Cut Inflation Act and the CHIPS and Science Act, when Joe Biden’s approval ratings were still in the 30s, which was striking in the focus groups we were looking at is that people weren’t blaming Biden for inflation. They certainly wanted him to do something about rising prices and get in touch with their lives, but their main anger was directed at big business that moved jobs overseas and created chain issues. supply; and the quasi-monopoly power that these wealthy corporations have over prices, which allows them to raise prices for consumers.

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Voters want politicians to solve these problems. Inflation and the cost of living are their biggest concern right now, and they think and talk about it all the time, partly because they think it’s getting worse with no end in sight. They understand that the issues are complicated and hard to solve, but if they don’t think Democrats are prioritizing their day-to-day spending, they will be discouraged. They want to know that you understand what is going on in their life. They want to know that you are helping them solve their number one problem and that you have a plan.

They want to know the difference between Democrats and Republicans when they vote.

If voters never hear candidates’ ads mentioning rising costs; if the mail they receive never mentions it; if they only hear it discussed in stump speeches; if the answers to the question of inflation in the debates are soft; voters are going to decide that Democratic candidates aren’t prioritizing the issue they’re most focused on.

And our research shows that it’s important for voters to know that you’re connected to what they’re facing economically, especially Gen Z and Millennials, blacks and Latinos, and blue-collar workers, who are all the major voters in this campaign. .

There is no reason in the world for the Democrats to be defensive or hesitant about their inflation plan. The US bailout included the enhanced child tax credit, tax breaks for poor, working and middle class families. The Inflation Reduction Act will lower drug prices, health insurance premiums and energy prices. The House passed a price gouging bill that all Republicans voted against. A populist message on the issue has been tested over and over and it works.

These three points constitute a set of convincing and very convincing policies which help to reduce the cost of living.

The fact that Republicans voted against or stopped many of these measures is a key reason to emphasize the difference in what happens when you elect Democrats or Republicans. The GOP also announced that it would reinstate Trump’s tax cuts on wealthy and wealthy corporations.

Rather than dwelling on Republicans stopping these measures, we should consider these popular responses as the key to choice in the election.

Democrats defeated special interests — including big oil and big pharma — to make this happen. So here’s the choice in the battle over the cost of living: Democrats battling special interests to help workers with these high costs, or Republicans simply helping their big corporate donors.

It’s time for a powerful conclusion that shows Democrats are embracing these messages:

1. Rich corporations with monopoly power raise their prices and their profits explode. Major oil, food, shipping, healthcare and real estate companies have made record profits over the past two years. I will crack down on price gouging, but to be clear: my opponent takes the opposite position.

2. I will fight hard to lower health care costs, especially for prescription drugs. Because we passed the Cut Inflation Act, the Democrats took a good first step. Pharma will have to negotiate with Medicare over prescription drug prices for the first time. it was about time, and health insurance premiums and drug costs will fall accordingly. I want to do even more to cut costs, but Republicans want to repeal prescription drug price negotiation, insulin price caps, lower health insurance premiums and people’s drug cost caps. elderly, while having no plan of their own. Seniors will get the biggest increase in their Social Security payments in 40 years, which will help them deal with inflation, but Republicans are talking about ending Social Security.

3. I will fight for the Child Tax Credit, which will give parents up to $600 a month to help pay for groceries, gas and housing. And I will pay for it by taxing wealthy corporations and millionaires who pay little or no tax right now. My opponent is against the child tax credit and wants to give structural tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy.

These three points constitute a set of convincing and very convincing policies which help to reduce the cost of living. Here’s what an ad might look like:

“The cost of living is hitting working families and seniors hard. They haven’t seen a pay rise in years, and now this obscene rise in world prices. Elect me because my top priority will be to fight rising prices. We should crack down on corporate price gouging and start making things in America again, so we have fewer supply chain problems. We should also help people cope with rising prices. Under the Biden administration, Social Security’s cost of living increases were the largest in 40 years, and Medicare premiums fell for the first time in a long time. The Cut Inflation Act lowers drug prices by forcing Big Pharma to negotiate with Medicare, but we need to rely on that to keep health care costs down. The Republicans will undo all of this if they regain power. For parents, we should restore the expanded Child Tax Credit, which gives parents up to $600 a month to help with housing, groceries and gas prices, paid for by finally making the wealthy companies to pay what they owe.

“I will fight for you and your family, not just to survive, but for every family’s freedom to thrive. Because every American deserves a chance at the Dream.

Yes, Democrats, keep talking about fundamental treatment of abortion rights as well. This remains a priority that we must also respect. It’s really important to get the Democratic vote and persuade Independent and Republican women to vote for us. But your path to victory also involves making sure voters know you’ll prioritize tackling rising costs and an economy that works for working families.

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