3 buried facts about Georgia’s abortion bill

These are police reports, taxes and counts.

ATLANTA – Monday a state senatorial commission approved the controversial heartbeat bill, which limits abortions in Georgia to around six weeks gestation.

The essence of the bill is this: abortion is currently legal up to twenty weeks gestation. This bill would reduce that to six weeks, when supporters say a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

“As we follow the science and we follow the practice, I think we recognize that we are doing well to sustain the heart rate as a threshold” for life, said State Representative Ed Setzler (R-Acworth) to the Senate Science and Technology Committee on Monday before the committee. HB 481 approved.

There are other details in the heart rate bill that would make additional not-so-subtle changes to state law. Here are three:

1. The bill states that “an unborn child at any stage of its development …

State Senator Jen Jordan is a critic of the Heartbeat Bill – and says it legally makes a person out of any newly fertilized egg found in a home pregnancy test.

“The ‘pee on the stick’ bill. That’s basically what it is,” Jordan told 11Alive News. “Really, the definition of an unborn child includes a fertilized egg.”

2. The bill says “that an unborn child at any stage of its development… must be considered a dependent minor” under the federal tax code. This means a possible tax deduction for newly pregnant parents.

“It helps expected families with the cost of preparing to bring a bouncing baby to the crib,” Setzler said Monday.

The bill also says that a woman can still legally have an abortion up to 20 weeks gestation if conception is the result of incest or rape.

3. The bill requires a pregnant woman to file “an official police report … alleging the offense of rape or incest” in order to legally have the abortion at term.

“There’s not even a standard of proof required with that. It’s just that you file a police report. So there is no need for an investigation. There is no need for a charge. . Nothing like it. Police report and you can have an abortion, “Jordan said.

She believes women desperate for a term abortion would fake police reports to get them.

The sponsor of the Heartbeat Bill says he had to include the rape or incest exception in order to get enough support to pass it. The full Senate could vote on Friday.


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