10 Best TV Shows That Flew Under The Radar In 2021

The level of artistry and talent that is present in the television the industry has only become more impressive in recent years. There are now more places to consume content than ever before, with many of these channels and streaming services boasting prestige programming that redefines what is possible in the medium. It’s never been so exciting to be a TV fan, but this abundance of content also means it’s a lot easier for smaller shows to slip through the cracks or that there is not enough time in the day to discover each new series.

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2021 was a bumper year for new TV shows, but chances are some of these hidden gems have been overlooked by the public and deserve to be added to any list of 2022 must-haves.

ten Chucky’s TV series is the surprise highlight of SyFy’s schedule


the Child’s play series introduced audiences to the murderously possessed doll, Chucky in 1988. He led a seven-film franchise, as well as a modern reboot. It is remarkable that there is still much to say in the Child’s play franchise and the killer doll recently headlined her own SyFy horror series, chucky. chucky is extremely satisfying for die-hard fans of the movies, as well as young newcomers. chucky has a second season on the way and it’s currently some of the best content on SyFy, but it’s lost out with the network’s more throwaway lineup.

9 Dopesick shines light on tragic outbreak and wins praise

Drug is an eight-episode descent into addiction, loss and corporate greed in what is easily one of Hulu’s Most Impressive Limited Series. Drug hit Hulu in October 2021, which allowed this tense look at America’s war with opioid addiction to fly under the radar, but it’s likely to break through to a bigger crowd in early 2022. Michael Keaton, Kaitlyn Dever, Will Poulter and Michael Stuhlbarg lead the brutal story of Purdue Pharma’s standardization of Oxycontin as a painkiller. Drug made waves at the Golden Globes and is expected to do the same at this year’s Emmys.

8 Ultra City Smiths is a superb stop-motion crime saga that no one knows about

Ultra City Smiths Wrestling Luchadores

Steven Conrad is an unsung genius in the television industry who is responsible for ambitious series like Patriot and Perpetual Grace, LTD. Conrad’s latest series, Ultra-urban blacksmiths, is a brilliant pastiche of crime dramas and film noir, presented as an adorable stop-motion puppet.

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This mix of baby-faced characters who are steeped in brooding stereotypes and endless corruption results in such a special and unique series. Ultra-urban blacksmiths is only six episodes and it’s one of the strongest shows of 2021, but being limited to the obscure streaming service, AMC Plus, has led to its low profile.

seven Physical characteristics A punishing protagonist who is not for everyone

Apple TV Plus has carefully refined its library and the majority of their productions are among the best shows currently airing on television. The biggest productions of Apple TV Plus, like Ted Lasso, The morning show, and Foundation have received the most attention, while new efforts like Physical came and went quietly. Set in 1980s San Diego, Rose Byrne plays Sheila Rubin, a miserable housewife who constantly suffers from impulse control issues. Sheila’s life opens up in rewarding new ways once she embraces aerobics, which sets her on an unexpected path to empowerment.

6 All-New Cherry Flavor’s Trippy Visuals and Horror Should Have Ruled Netflix

brand new apartment with cherry taste

Netflix has produced some amazing original horror content, but the streaming service is churning through new programming at such a rapid pace that it’s easy to miss a show when it first drops and never hear about it again. . New cherry flavor is a kaleidoscopic nightmare and one of the scariest things to ever air on netflix. It feels like a lost David Lynch movie from the 90s. Rosa Salazar gives it her all in her electric performance as Lisa Nova, an abandoned rising filmmaker desperate for revenge on the producer who takes advantage of her and her film. .

5 Station Eleven’s Moody Apocalypse Drama Released At Controversial Time

station eleven hit HBO Max in late 2021. It focuses on a post-apocalyptic version of the world trying to pick up the pieces following a deadly flu pandemic that likely hit too close to home for many would-be viewers. Morose meditations on death and the end of the world wear themselves out at this point, but station eleven works as well as it does avoiding the tropes of most apocalypse stories.

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A traveling timeline celebrates the power of storytelling and how stories are what unites disparate pieces of the world. It’s a powerful and inspiring story that everyone deserves to live.

4 Kevin Can F*ck himself is too smart for his own good

Kevin can fuck himself is one of the most ambitious comedies to come in years and it’s even more surprising that this weird genre hybrid is on AMC. Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy stars as a disgruntled housewife who is fed up with her lazy, dimwitted husband. Kevin can fuck himself mocks tired stereotypes which continue to define family sitcoms by showcasing her insufferable material with Kevin through a three-camera perspective, complete with a canned laugh track, while Allison’s self-reflection moments are presented dramatically with a single-camera structure.

3 Student sex life needs time to find its people

Mindy Kaling has had experience writing television comedies for over a decade, and The sex life of college girls skews towards a younger audience of fresh students. Mindy Kaling’s characters often feel overwhelmed with life, but it feels fitting here as the characters approach a crossroads and figure out who they are. Each of the central characters feels distinct, and their friendship and chemistry is effortless. The first season of The sex life of college girls is over and a second season is already announced, which means it’s likely that more people will start to check out this satisfying new comedy.

2 Ten-Year-Old Tom Is An HBO Max Animated Original That Deserves A Bigger Showcase

ten year tom hbo max header

by Steve Dildarian The Life and Times of Tim was an animated anomaly on HBO’s 2008 program that never gained the audience it deserved. Dildarian new animated vehicle, Tom, ten years old, is cut from the same fabric as Tim. It’s a hilarious and thoughtful examination of humanity’s many flaws and the chaotic stresses that consume society. The overwhelming nature of the world is filtered through a confused and frantic child, Tom, who often becomes a lightning rod for cruel karmic twists of fate. With a bit of luck Tom, ten years old will get a second season to further develop its charm and attract a bigger crowd.

1 Fairfax is a strong animated comedy with a distinct voice that’s hidden away on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is slowly building an admirable library of entertainment program for adults, and 2021 marked the premiere of eight episodes Fairfax. Fairfax doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel and its content focuses on a group of four college friends on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles who are obsessed with social media credibility and internet fame. Fairfax is an effective deconstruction and parody of modern social structures that lovingly poke fun at the state of the world, but still create deeply empathetic characters. Sure handwriting and a clear voice make Fairfax a hit, but not enough people are aware of Amazon Prime’s growing anime production.

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