Contractual official credit repurchase

The public service employs contractual agents in its various sectors to meet a specific need and limited in time. However, these contract agents do not have the rank of permanent civil servant and therefore do not have the same advantages. Are these officials eligible for credit repurchase?


Official credit repurchase: the case of a contractual agent

Official credit repurchase: the case of a contractual agent

A contractor of the public service does not have the same status as a civil servant and therefore do not share the same benefit. He is employed by a public employer (local authorities, public hospitals, public medico-social establishments etc.) but is not considered as a state worker, nor as a hospital practitioner, nor beneficiary of assisted or other employment. It has an entire apartment status being constantly changing in recent years.

Indeed, the contractual agent performs his mission for a period determined in advance in his contract ( CDD ) but can, after several years, become a permanent official ( CDI ). Its agents are destined to become civil servants or to leave the public service because of their precarious situations .

Furthermore, even if they do not have the same conditions of access to credit as permanent officials, these agents can also obtain credits under certain conditions. However, the accumulation of several outstandings can cause financial difficulties.


Consolidate your credits when you are a contract agent

Consolidate your credits when you are a contract agent

When you are a contractual agent and you have several loans, it is sometimes difficult to keep a stable financial balance.

However, in view of the specific status of the contract agent , he will not be able to use a grouping of credits to reduce his monthly payments. Indeed, the duration of the agent’s contract does not allow him to be able to access this banking service, for lack of income over the whole year.

However, it is possible that the contract agent’s contract may evolve and become a permanent contract . In this case, the borrower’s situation changes and becomes a permanent official.

Having the same advantages as a civil servant and a source of income throughout the year, the borrower can resort to the repurchase of credit in order to find a stable balance in his financial situation using a specialized banking intermediary. such as Good Lenders.

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